Facebook added another $100 million to the $550 settlement for facial recognition lawsuit


After California federal judge threw out Facebook’s $550 million biometric privacy settlement in $35 billion class-action lawsuit, Facebook upped it by $100M to $650 million

After the California federal judge threw out the Facebook proposed a $550 million settlement for the $35 billion class-action lawsuit filed against it for violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) of 2008, Facebook has decided to add another $100 million to the settlement ante.

In June, a California federal judge literally threw out Facebook’s proposal to settle the potential $35 billion lawsuit for just $550 million. The class-action lawsuit against Facebook was filed by lead plaintiff Nimesh Patel in 2015 in one of three consolidated class actions. The lawsuit claims that Facebook used biometrics to map users’ faces for its “Photo Tag Suggest” function in 2011. The lawsuit claims Facebook did so without their consent and failed to inform them how long their data would be stored as required by the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) of 2008.

The California judge dismissed Facebook’s settlement offer saying he won’t grant preliminary approval as Facebook’s proposal gives users just 1.25% of what they could be entitled to under the Illinois BIPA law.

A month after the California federal judge threw out the Facebook $550 million settlement proposal, Facebook has decided to up the settlement amount by another $100 million. It is now offering a $650 million settlement to end a long-running class-action suit against it.

The law firms representing Facebook users called the agreement at the time the largest cash settlement ever to stem from a privacy-related lawsuit. However, even the revised $650 million is minuscule to compared to the $35 billion payout that Facebook will have to pay if it loses this class action suit.


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