Everything you want to know about New OnePlus OXYGENOS


OnePlus Announces New OxygenOS With OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro; Here is everything you want to know about OxygenOS

OnePlus has announced a set of new 5G Android smartphones called OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Along with announcing the new Android smartphones, OnePlus also announced a new iteration of its OxygenOS to be released with the new OnePlus smartphones. OxygenOS which powers the Android system in OnePlus smartphones is much revered in the smartphone community for its fluid and lag-free features. In fact, after Android stock, OxygenOS fork is the most trusted OS for Android smartphones. Rest assured, OnePlus will be releasing its new OxygenOS for older OnePlus smartphones as well. However, this article is to look at the top new features that OnePlus’ new OxygenOS will bring to your smartphone.

New OxygenOS Features

1. Smooth Battle 2.0

2.Dark Theme

3. Dual-channel network accelerator

4. OxygenOS Real-Time Live Wallpapers

5. Improved gesture navigation

6. Live Captions like Google Pixel

7. In-built Alexa

8. Smart SMS

9. Cricket Card 2.0

11. 100GB Google Drive data backup for FREE

10. Removing Shelf from OxygenOS

Now, we will go through each one of the above features of the newly released OnePlus OxygenOS.

Smooth Battle 2.0 :

OnePlus takes the Smooth Battle tech further in the new OxygenOS with version 2.0. OnePlus said that it made 280 software optimizations to OxygenOS to make it“ultra-fast and seamlessly smooth.” According to OnePlus, the OxygenOS will have faster animations and scrolling, among other things, to make the phones feel lag-free and smoother. Tne OxygenOS will be bloatware free and use the OnePlus 8’s  90Hz display and OnePlus 8 Pro’s 120Hz display to make the smartphones feel even faster.

Dark Theme

Dark Theme seems to be the in-thing among tech companies. Facebook recently introduced dark theme for Android and iPhone App. The dark theme helps bing users grapple with strong screen light.  The new OxygenOS will feature Dark Theme at the native level. OnePlus said that it has “refreshed Dark Theme for the OnePlus 8 Pro.” Native dark theme means that, the OnePlus users don’t have to wait for individual Apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to release their own dark themes and instead rely on the default dark theme provided by the OS.

According to OnePlus, its new Dark Theme is compatible with a wide range of third-party apps. OnePlus says that the dark theme reduces battery consumption and causes less strain on the eyes.

Dual-channel network accelerator

Network drops are a common phenomenon these days. You are on a Zoom or WhatsApp video call and suddenly you lose the connection and to redial the video chat with your groups. OnePlus has worked to bring you an innovative dual-channel network accelerator. This new OxygenOS feature automatically switches between WiFi connection and mobile data to provide an uninterrupted and smooth connection supply, provided, of course, if you have both connections handy.

The feature comes with two options – Intelligent network connection that uses both WiFi as well as mobile data when the connection is poor and Dual channel download acceleration that, again, uses WiFi and mobile data simultaneously to improve download speed.

OxygenOS Real-Time Live Wallpapers

OnePlus has introduced new dynamic real-time wallpapers that will change according to the weather. The company states that Live Wallpapers can connect to the OnePlus Weather app and change hues according to real-time weather conditions. This will bring “your smartphone experience closer to the environment around you,” OnePlus adds.

Improved gesture navigation

OxygenOS has been appreciated for its gesture navigation. The new OxygenOS has now refined the gesture navigation for a smoother experience on OnePlus smartphones.

Live Captions like Google Pixel

OnePlus now brings a feature that is exclusive to Google Pixel to OxygenOS. OnePlus now brings the Live Caption feature that provides video and audio captions in real-time in collaboration with Google. OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7T users who used the OxygenOS Open Beta will know this feature.

In-built Alexa

OxygenOS has been integrated with Amazon Alexa smart assistant to give you a personalized digital assistant service. However, users will need to download the app to start using Alexa hands-free. OnePlus 8 series users will have a choice for which voice assistant they want to use.

Smart SMS

OxygenOS also brings the smart SMS feature in which messages can now be instantly sorted and easy to locate, You can also automatically categorize your messages according to transactional, promotional, and OTPs just like you do with your Gmail account.

Cricket Card 2.0

This OxygenOS feature is made to order for Indians. The new Cricket Card 2.0 real-time updates keep you informed on your favorite team’s standings and scores. Download the OnePlus Cricket Scores app for all the latest match results, available directly on your OnePlus Shelf.

100GB Google Drive data backup for FREE

OxygenOS will also give OnePlus users 100GB of Google cloud data for free. OnePlus announced that it has tied up with Google to give an extended 100GB of Google cloud storage for the OnePlus 8 series buyers.



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