Every Samsung Android smartphone user should be aware of this bug


Every Samsung Android smartphone user should be aware of this default messaging app bug

The Android smartphone company Samsung is looking forward to solve out the major bug found by its users. Sending messages from your Android smartphone is a basic function, but it becomes complex as soon as your  default messaging app start sending random pictures from your device without your knowledge.

According to one Samsung user report, the problem is from Samsung Messages, the default messaging app on Galaxy devices, which (for reasons that haven’t been determined), is unknowingly sending pictures stored on the devices to random contacts via SMS.

The daunting part about this bug is that when Samsung Messages bugs out and sends pictures to other people, it doesn’t leave any proof of it doing so, which means people may not know their pictures have been sent to any random contact.

Exactly why it’s happening isn’t certain yet, but there is a theory that it has something to do with a report from a T-Mobile subscriber with a Galaxy S9 on Samsung’s user forum who complained that Samsung Messages has become very buggy after T-Mobile’s recent upgrade of Rich Communications Services (RCS), the chat-enabled replacement to SMS that Google and some carriers are pushing.

The messaging app gets into this glitch only after updating it to the latest version. To avoid these circumstances Androidrookies suggest’s Samsung user’s not to update their messaging app until the stable update release from the developers.


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