Elon Musk’s plan is to implant Neuralink chip and stream music directly to the brain


Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to implant Neuralink chip in your brain and stream music directly to it bypassing earbuds, headphones, and even ears

If Elon Musk has it his way we may no longer require earbuds, headphones, and even ears! In a Twitter exchange with a Computer Scientist, Austin Howard, Musk confirmed that in not so distant future Neuralink chips will stream music directly to your brain.

Musk has posted a tweet asking scientists and researchers from the wearable tech and smartphone industry to join the Neuralink project.

When Austin questioned whether the Neuralink chips will help steam music directly to the brain, Musk answered in affirmative.

What is Musk’s Neuralink project?

Musk’s Neuralink startup was conceived in 2016. He first revealed plans about a brain embedded chip in 2017. He had at that time said that he plans to develop a human brain to computer interface within the next four years with his startup Neuralink. Musk had said that Neuralink chips could allow the user to communicate with a computer without any physical interaction.

Last July, Musk outlined plans for NeuraLink chips and said that the end goal was to create a brain interface that alleviates symptoms of chronic medical and neurological conditions in human beings. Musk said that Neuralink can cure addiction and depression by retraining the part of the brain responsible for causing them. He had added that limited mobility or immobile users implanted with Neuralink chip could use it to send SMSes and emails just by thinking about the words.

According to Musk NeuraLink has already tested the interface device on monkeys, who were able to control a computer via their brain. He however made no mention of any FDA approvals for the Neuralink project.


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