elementary OS 6 early access build released for Linux PC/laptops; Whats new?


What’s new in the elementary OS 6 Linux distro for PC/laptops? Multi-touch support, refreshed typography, newer system stylesheet, Libhandy’s HdyWindow, and much more

If you are an elementary OS Linux distro user, you would probably know that co-founder & CXO, Cassidy James Blaede had in January 2020 revealed that the upcoming elementary OS 6 will be massive and based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Blaede has now opened up Early Access Builds of elementary OS 6 for testing before its beta release somewhere by the end of this month. Describing the elementary OS 6 in a blog post, Blaede highlighted the new features coming in this major version. “Over the past week, we quietly launched builds.elementary.io. This new website hosts Early Access Builds of the elementary OS as a way to ensure OEMs, developers, testers, supporters, and excited fans can get their hands on up-to-date pre-release builds. Now that elementary OS 6 is in an installable and bootable state, we’ve begun adding $25+ AppCenter for Everyone backers to the allowlist, and any $10/month and higher GitHub Sponsors get access automatically,” Cassidy James Blaede, co-founder and CXO, said.

What’s new in elementary OS 6?

Blaede says that the elementary OS 6 Early Access Builds are still a work in progress and there could be further changes in the beta release. Despite this fact, if you try out the elementary OS 6, and one of the first things you’ll notice is the refreshed look and feel.

The new build brings a dark mode for system components like the dock and the system dialogs. The elementary OS now allows you to use user-defined accent colors in apps. The user interface has been improved by including typography and the system stylesheet. Subsequently, the contrast of elementary OS is now much better while retaining its signature depth and shadows. The elementary OS 6 now features  Libhandy’s HdyWindow which gives neat rounded bottom design in apps like Terminal.
The elementary OS 6 gets brand new and faster installer and brings multi-touch support to more apps. “Installing should be much faster and more streamlined, only asking for the essentials to get the OS onto your device. This is also great for OEMs, as they can use the new installer itself to image devices, or—like with some experimental Pinebook Pro images we’ve been playing with—just flash an image without a user to run through initial setup on first boot,” Cassidy James Blaede notes.
With Libhandy library, elementary OS 6 users can gesture control touch screens, trackpads, and mouse scroll wheels. For instance, you can use swipe track with your fingers on the screen or trackpad to go back and forward in the Epiphany web browser.

Communications and organization Apps like Mail and Calendar events that come bundled with the elementary OS also get a massive update. They’re all powered by the Evolution data server backend updates and include a major rewrite of Mail and a new Tasks app.

The beta version of elementary OS could be released by next month. You can get a glimpse of the changes to elementary OS 6 by visiting their GitHub page here.


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