Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770

09 May 2014

Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770 – Rooting android devices will provide us extra features and functions, Lenovo P770 when you bought from china or bought for asian’s market typically does not include google applications or google service and often packed with a lot chinese applications that we don’t know how to use it, therefore rooting is needed. Today i will posted a guide on how to Rooting Lenovo P770.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Downloads :

Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770
  1. Download Framaroot-1.9.1, copy it to sd card
  2. Go to System Settings → Security → Unknown Sources make sure it checked. this options will allow you to install *.apk apart from google play store.
  3. Install Framaroot-1.9.1, If there is any security asking for permission to installing just click on Install button
    Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770
  4. Open Framaroot-1.9.1, on dropdown select Install SuperSU
  5. Then click on Boromir button, rooting process take only 5 seconds. Wait until message appears told that Success, SuperSu and su binary installed.
    Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770
    Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770

  6. Click OK and your device will automatically reboot.
    Easy Way to Rooting Lenovo P770
  7. Done, Recommended to update your SuperSU v1.9.3 after finish rooting.
When using the latest version of framaroot not success please use another version but it choose the one that has version more than v1.6.0. when you have problem or not successful root please don’t hesitate to leave messages i will try to help if i can. Thank you for reading…

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