Easy Rooting Vibe UI 2.0 Android 4.4 KitKat for All Lenovo

05 Nov 2014

Easy Rooting Vibe UI 2.0 Android 4.4 KitKat for All Lenovo – Rooting is the first action that you must do when you wanna modified your device, On Android KitKat (4.4.2) rooting cannot be done using one click method like Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2) but now already out application that can rooting Android KitKat with one click method it called KingUser New Release. Today i will show you how to do it, this guide is provide for Lenovo brand only and i cannot confirm it work or not on devices except Lenovo brand.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR). This already been try with Lenovo S820 running Vibe UI 2.0 and it work.

Easy Rooting Android 4.4 KitKat for All Lenovo

Downloads :

  • KingRoot v3.3.1 Root application than can be use to root Android 4.4.2, this is china application so it will be on china language
Easy Rooting Android 4.4 KitKat for All Lenovo
  1. Download and move KingRoot v3.3.1 to your external SD Card. Make sure you have enable Unknown Source option, go to System Settings ↦ Security make sure you already checked Unknown Source option. This option prevent you to install any apk file outside from Google Play Store
  2. Go to where you save KingRoot v3.3.1 and install it as usually, When there is any warning that told you not recommended to install it just check “I understand and still want to install it” (1) and click Install Anyway (2)
    Easy Rooting Android 4.4 KitKat for All Lenovo
  3. Finish with installation, just click to open the application. Wait a moment let the king root recognize your device and give you information about ROOT status. This application is in china so don’t bother about the text just hit or click Big Green Button with the padlock picture
    Easy Rooting Android 4.4 KitKat for All Lenovo
  4. Wait the process, it will take 10-20 second to finish. This process will install KingUser applications and will install Su Binary, so don’t need to bother installing custom recovery just for Rooting Android KitKat.
  5. After finish please confirm your Root access using Root Checker from Google Play Store.
Done, This guide simplify Rooting process that already known, no need to install custom recovery again just for Rooting. So now you can reverse the process Rooting ↦ TWRP ↦ Google Applications. Please leave comments when you got problem regarding this guide and give me an info if there is something wrong using this method, i will really appreciate it
    1. Hi,
      Are you asking or give information? If you asking, just try it first. It won't hurt your device. If you give information, i will thank you for trying and confirm this method. I try this on Lenovo S820 Vibe UI 2.0 1439 Version

    1. Yes i think supersu cannot be installed on Android KitKat. That why a lot android KitKat root using king user. If you got Vibe UI 2.0 from Lenovo update than it will not include google applications so you need to modified by your self. You must install custom recovery than install google applications from it

    1. this guide not use super user, as you see it use king user super user or super su cannot running on Android 4.4.2. so for Android kitkat 4.4.2 we use king root.
      for china firmware i just have this guide, don't have anymore guide to root. so sorry cannot help you more

    1. hi,
      a lot :
      1. you can modified system files, remove unwanted china applications from system folder
      2. running root applications
      3. backup your ROM using MTK droid Tool
      4. installing custom Recovery for backup / restore via recovery
      5. etc

    1. hi,
      i have guide for Lenovo S660, you can refer to this guide for ROW version http://bit.ly/1Hnkvtg this is the latest ROW version for Lenovo S660, but be careful S660 china sometime got LK image incorrect when installed with ROW version. If this happen just flash back to china ROM then flash again to ROW but press firmware upgrade button. Don't forget to Full backup ROM and IMEI

  1. Hey Bro i have Lenovo Vibe X S960! yesterday i was update system to KITKAT 4.4 ! but i can't istall google play and google + and more apps ….. Please can you help me ?
    N.B : (i was just rooted my phone with king root thankyou)

  2. Hi i have tried this app in my mobile just like instructed and for some reason it wouldn't root..ive also tried using kingoroot via p.c still didn't work..im using lenovo a319 on android 4.4.2 with vibe ui 2…need help please 🙁

  3. my lenovo k920 cannot be rooted using the king root, its running android 4.4.2 with vibe ui 2.0. the phone just updated yesterday and the google services stopped, not even one google app is working :(. help me plz i need it to work coz i use it for various works….

    1. hi,
      this guide not work on every Vibe UI 2.0 it depend on the release version, Yes Vibe UI 2.0 is china version and china version firmware if prohibited use google applications, so the solution is install international version or root and install google applications by your own.

    2. thnx for the quick reply bro, thn could you please tell me how to go on rooting my device.
      version number = VIBEUI_V2_1448_ST_K920_CMCC

    3. Hi,
      Sorry for late answer, i don't have guide for Lenovo K920 but usually lenovo have 2 kind firmware china and international version so if you want google applications try to install international version. And for rooting usually it install from custom recovery so install custom recovery then root your phone

  4. Hi Andy, i have Lenovo S820 kitkat vibe UI 2.0 chines version, i want to install google play services, for this i have used GMSinstaller4.4 but its showing error "system space unavailable" yet my internal memory is empty..pls help. or if there is other way to install kindly let me know i'll be thankful to u..

  5. Hai..i had trouble rooting my lenovo a319 androi kit kat 4.4.2..after tried your methods it still meet the failure and i tried other root mechanism but still fail..could you light some shed to my problems?

    1. Hi,
      For rooting lenovo device it usually install custom recovery first than install root from custom recovery, but if you like the one push rooting method you can try towel root, vroot or kingroot. But so sorry i don't have any guide for Lenovo A319

    1. So china root application have sub menu to u root, so if you use king root, vroot or towel root there is sub menu to unroot. if you use supersu too i think it have sube menu to unroot so try search at rootapplication sub menu

  6. Hi Andy,
    I bought Lenovo A936 in March and I was told that there will be an international update which will remove all China defaults and I am unable to use it now that Im in India. Is there a way I can upgrade to international OS?

    1. Every lenovo device had 2 tyoe firmware, china and international firmware. International firmware is has google play default and not have many unwanted china apps, you can flash it without waiting for an update using flash tool, but sorry for lenovo A936 i dont have guide about it

  7. Dear Mr. Andy
    Would I ask why I can't doing update to VIBEUI_V2.0_lenovohome.net.s960 (ROM) after successfully rooted
    If I Updated to android kitkat as you mentioned in your video is that helpful to make update automatically
    also, I cant' doing OTA update
    in addition, SD card does not appear in TWRP recovery , so I can't make flash for any ROM
    Hope that I asked in correct way because I am beginner in this field
    Kind regards

    1. OTA update cannot be done if your device rooted, or will failed. From your software version mention above it look like china firmware that already modified so i dont know about OTA update. But if you succesful update it will remove google apps and only have english and china language

  8. Hello everyone and thanks for letting SHARE MY PROBLEM WITH MY SMARTPHONE went crazy started down APPLICATIONS ICONS GRAMBLIS SEEMED LIKE THINGS started putting Christmas decorations tags etc, until he recorded a message in English saying that was not allowed APPLICATIONS ADULTS, then try to restart the phone, but encrypted, ME SAYS ON TIGHTENING THE KEY WITH KEY VOLUME +, AND YOU ENTER THE SYSTEM REMAINS THE SAME BUT THEN I gave the minus – and got WITH SYSTEM blew it, now only turns on and off turns on and off, SHOWN BY LENOVO PAWERED Android, and stays in a loop, I tried to get down the Lenovo_A816_S017_150527_ ROM software (by_xdafirmware.com) .zip but NOT comes Mt. 6585 which is what would make it work, I dropped FlashTool tHE DRIVER AND SOFTWARE BUT NEED tO RETURN TO wORK.

    1. hi,
      i don't get your story well but i catch that your problem is you got boot loop on Lenovo logo, cannot boot to home screen.
      solution for this problem usually do factory reset from recovery mode, go to recovery mode then select factory reset.
      if the factory reset could not fix the problem then you need to reflashing the firmware using flash tool.
      what phone model ?

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