VivaVideo App and its sister Apps for Android contain spyware and have a RAT


VivaVideo App and other Apps for Android contains Remote Access Trojan and request dangerous App permissions

If you are using the VivaVideo App for your Android smartphone/tablet to edit your videos, you did better remove the App now. According to a report by Jan Youngren on VPN Pro, VivaVideo not only is spyware but also contains a Remote Access Trojan designed to steal your personal confidential information like email credentials, banking passwords, etc.

Those who don’t use VivaVideo, it is available on Google Playstore here and has more than 157 million downloads. According to Youngren, the App was earlier flagged for having malware. In 2017, it was mentioned as one of 40 apps suspected of spyware in India with a recommendation to delete the apps immediately. At that time it was noted that the App spies on Indians and reports back to its command and control server in China.

The VivaVideo app is developed by QuVideo Inc., a Chinese company based in Hangzhou, which has also developed other Apps like SlidePlus (1M installs), with similarly unnecessary dangerous permissions, plus a paid version of VivaVideo. VivaVideo is also available on Apple’s App Store.

Beyond that, Youngren discovered that QuVideo also owns the popular Indian app VidStatus, which has more than 50 million installs on Google Playstore. VidStatus is a “video status” tool for WhatsApp and asks for 9 dangerous permissions from users during installation including access to GPS, the ability to read the disk, read contacts, and even go through a user’s call log.

The App has already been flagged by VirusTotal as a malware containing a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) known as AndroidOS/AndroRat. These kinds of RATs can steal your bank information and other credentials. A major Indian social video app, ShareChat, has three suspicious connections to QuVideo, including having the same API key within the app file (APK), similar website, and URL structures.

Youngren says because of this history of malware and active RAT, QuVideo Inc hides its connection with some of their apps on Playstore. You may be well served if you uninstall all the above Apps if you have them on your Android smartphone/tablet.


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