DIY Ubuntu keyboard with a dedicated Ubuntu Linux key instead of Windows key


This keyboard with default Ubuntu Linux keys instead of the familiar Windows looks super cool

Since majority of the world’s PC/laptop users are powered by Windows 7 or Windows 10, the accessories are tailormade to suit the Windows OS environment. Ditto for keyboards. Ever since Windows 95 was launched, the keyboards come with a special Windows key to get users to quickly type in the Windows commands.

Alternatively referred to as the winkey or WK, the Windows key is a key found on IBM compatible keyboards used with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Windows key has the Microsoft logo on it and is found between the left Ctrl and Alt keys on the keyboard. Pressing the Windows key by itself opens the Start menu.

The Windows Key becomes Option Key on Apple keyboards running macOS PC/laptops. On Chromebooks, there’s a Search key that’s similar to the Windows key. Linux users also assign some important functions to the Windows super key.

While Linux users can change the functions that come with the Windows superkeys, altering the Windows logo on the keyboard is a different story altogether. Any hardcore Linux user would love to replace the Windows key on the keyboard with a dedicated Linux distro key so that the keyboard looks a bit like this.

This keyboard with default Ubuntu Linux keys instead of the familiar Windows looks super cool

This is a dedicated Ubuntu super key instead of the regular Windows Key (eyesore for Linux users)  on the keyboard. How would you like this one on your keyboard. Here is how the keyboard mod was done by a reddit user, BenjiStokman.

How to get your Linux super key keyboard

As you can see, the keyboard with the Ubuntu super keys look absolutely brilliant. Any Linux lover would love to have a similar key of their choice of Linux distro on their keyboard.  Benji says that he got the dedicated Ubuntu superkey for his keyboard on an online store for only $8 per key. He says that another alternative to buying the Linux superkey is to create your own custom model using a 3D printer. If you own a 3D printer, you can find a lot of resources online on making your own keyboard keys.

If you are a Linux user, you should think about getting this superkey for your keyboard because it looks super cool.


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