Disgruntled employee of Rockstar Games leaks Grand Theft Auto 6 Details


Major leaks of Rockstar Games GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 (GTA 6) leaked by a disgruntled employee on 4Chan

Ex-employee leaks GTA 6 details including characters, storyline, setting, and how missions work.

Every time there is a hype around an upcoming product or game, you naturally have leaks and images. Now it is the world’s most popular game franchise, Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Games that has been leaked. Over the past month, we have been hearing news and rumors about Rockstar Games’ new GTA avatar, Grand Theft Auto 6. Now a disgruntled employee of Rockstar Games has leaked all details including characters, storyline, and how missions work inside GTA 6.

Gamers are expecting GTA 6 to hit the stores in July 2020. They expected Rockstar Games to release the schedule of the game in March, however, a report in the gaming website Kotaku said in April 2020 that GTA 6 was still in early development.

The truth is totally different it seems. According to a disgruntled employee, GTA 6 is almost done and ready for release. A Reddit user MrSkarKasm made a thread rounding up the claims of the employee. The Reddit thread has bullet points highlighting the GTA 6 gameplay, missions and main characters some of which are given below.

What to expect from Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6)?

  • The game map size of GTA 6 equals Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 combined

  • GTA 6 will have 4 protagonists.

  1. Walther Wallace, a driver,

  2. Mori Kibbutz, Ex- Israeli Defence Force

  3. Thomas Branigan, pilot/owner of an airplane called The Raven

  4. Marcus Burke, a drug dealer and a single dad to a son

  • The game is based in Florida. It also has 3 major cities and 1 smaller city to the far North West. The game terrain is way different from GTA V or RDR2

  • The Gameplay is time-split between today and 1980s

  • Missions are not linear and mostly about the drug trade. A part of gameplay is based in a small island in Central America

  • You will be playing as Thomas Branigan who smuggles drugs using his plane, The Raven.

  • There are multiple child characters in the game, they mainly interact with Burke and his adolescent son

  • The game is based on Rockstar Advanced Game Engine which runs RDR2

  • The gameplay includes elements of Parkour

  • The weapons are more real compared to GTA V.

  • GTA 6 has many elements of hand to hand combat like RDR2 except it is harder.

  • Your character will gain weight like in RDR2

I have tried paraphrasing from the geekspeak MrSkarKasm has put on Reddit thread. You can also see the leaks on 4Chan boards here >Part 1 and Part 2. Interestingly leaks also suggest that players will be able to alter the story based on the side characters that they can choose to kill and keep alive – somewhat similar to GTA IV.

There are reports that Rockstar Games is close to announcing the release dates for Grand Theft Auto 6. It has not yet commented on the leaks.


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