Did not like the new Twitter Layout? here is how you can get back the old Twitter layout


Not happy with the new twitter layout? here is how you can change it back to the old layout

The social media company Twitter has finally shut down the platform’s legacy theme on June 1, 2020, forcing all desktop users to use the social network’s new mobile-inspired layout. Twitter released a new layout last year in July as all the companies keep changing the themes and features to make their platform attractive. Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to tweet their posts and reach the following audience. While if you look at the users’ choices the new generation always goes for mobile-friendly themes and features and while the old users will always go for the legacy theme.

Last year in July Twitter rolled this new UI that has been seen as a mobile-friendly theme, the company also started warning its users last month that the support for the legacy theme will end in May 2020, and users will be forced to use the new UI since 1st June 2020.

Well if you look at the developers they have one or the other way out, previously a developer found that there were some workarounds to re-enable the old version of twitter.com either by changing your web browsers user agent to Internet Explorer 11 or by removing the rweb_optin cookie, but unfortunately they no longer work.

However, as the Twitter no longer makes it possible to use their web client with the legacy layout, this Tampermonkey user script dubbed GoodTwitter2 (developed by Bl4Cc4t) will re-arrange Twitter’s new interface to make it look good again. As its creator describes it, GoodTwitter2 “is by no means a full recreation of the old design, it is more like a hybrid between the two.”

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As soon as you install the user script in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser using the TamperMonkey user script manager. The user script created by the developer will get the legacy navbar back, you will have your Twitter profile back on the left side of the interface, and you’ll no longer have to use the mobile layout on your desktop.

How to Install GoodTwitter2?

To install the GoodTwitter2 user script in your Chrome or Firefox browser you will first have to install Tampermonkey and then load the script from the GitHub repository using these steps:

  • Install Tampermonkey from the Chrome Webstore or the Firefox Add-Ons site.
  • Click on this link which will trigger Tampermonkey to prompt you with an installation screen.
  • Click install and you’re done (if you’re a Chrome user).

Once installed, you can access GoodTwitter2’s settings from Twitter’s interface by clicking on your profile icon on the top right corner, going to “Security and privacy,” and clicking on the GoodTwitter2 entry under General settings.

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