Did Anonymous hacking group just leak personal information of all police officers across United States?


Somebody just leaked/doxxed personal information of all police officers from the United States. Was it the work of the Anonymous hacking group?

With the protests in America showing no signs of stopping, the police force in all the states is already worked up. Now they have to fear a new issue. Somebody leaked the entire personal details of all police officers online. According to a report by the Associated Press based on a document obtained from the Department of Homeland Security, several officials high up in the hierarchy of police departments in major US cities are being “doxed.”

What is Doxing?

When somebody leaks your personal information like your mobile number, address, and email address online, it means doxing. Doxing is meant to make others aware of your details so that they can harass you by stalking or spamming. Sometimes doxing can also cause fatalities.

According to the AP report, somebody is leaking the personal details of top police officials situated across the length and breadth of the United States. The details leaked include multiple high-ranking police officials in a number of cities, including Washington, Atlanta, Boston, and New York. The leaked details contain their personal information shared on social media, including their home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, says AP report.

“At least one of the police commissioners was targeted for his alleged support of the use of tear gas to disperse protests,”

AP report

Doxing is meant to expose people and hope that the information will be used for malicious purposes or to inspire fear in the wake of the protests against police violence. Reports have come from departments in many different major cities stating that some of their officers have been affected. A report coming out of Kentucky stated that federal officials discovered posts on social media that included a link related to information about officers and their family members. The information found when visiting the link included full names, the names of their family members, home addresses, specific information about the vehicles they drive, and online account login information.

The AP report says some of the information exposed may have come from compromised accounts, most of it likely came from publicly available databases and various social media outlets.

Were the personal details of the Police Officers leaked by the Anonymous hacktivist group?

While Anonymous hacking group has been known to dox information against the person they protest, this particular case doesn’t have the Anonymous signature. Any protest/leak/DDoS/hack done by Anonymous is announced ceremoniously by them through various Twitter accounts and social media posts. In fact, Anonymous has always made their deeds public with a guy in Guy Fawkes mask announcing the action and explaining why they did it.

This particular doxing case was done secretly and the details were leaked on the online paste website, Pastebin. There are no announcements, social media posts, or tweets from any Anonymous linked handles. This shows that this particular doxing is not done by the Anonymous hacking group. The police are on the lookout for the person responsible for this Paste. In the meantime, the officers are being encouraged to increase their security settings on their accounts, like using multi-factor email authentication and strong passwords.

The report says the Department of Homeland security has “medium confidence that cyber actors will possibly continue to target law enforcement officers” with doxxing tactics “to undermine law enforcement’s response to ongoing lawful protests.”


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