Despite all their left-liberal bias, major tech companies don’t employ women and people of color


Despite their left-liberal leanings and pro-left bias, diversity data shows Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Intel, etc. have failed to employ women and people of color

If you are a social media addict you may have noticed that top honchos of big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, etc have at one point or other confirmed their left-liberal bias or leanings. However, that liberal bias seems to fail them when considering women and persons of color for employment opportunities.

While all these companies are at the forefront preaching about diversity and banning racial bias on their platforms, they have done little to emancipate the downtrodden. Despite their support for movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, these companies have a very poor employment record for women and people of color as per a new study done by CNBC.

The study published on 21st August 2020 shows that women only make up 32% of ten major technologies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Oracle. If you remember, all these companies are at the forefront of women empowerment campaigns and still women don’t even make half of the workforce in these companies.

In fact, despite all the hulla bulla about women empowerment, data gathered from 10 major U.S. tech companies gathered between 2014 and 2019 show the percentage of women in these workforces increased less than 2%.

People of color fare no better. You may have noticed that these companies supported the Black Lives Matter protests by displaying big banners and pushing the BLM content on their platforms but on the ground, black employees in these companies have increased by just 3%. Yes, the employment of blacks in these companies increased by less than 3% during the same period.  The Hispanic employees increased by about 1%, while the native Americans actually decreased by about .01%.

Only Asians fared somewhat better by making up about 30% of the tech workforce in 2019 however, more than 50% of employees in these big tech firms are still white.

The most common argument given is the lack of skilled personnel. However, Tarika Barrett of Girls Who Code ways that there will be nearly 1 million vacancies by the end of this year. If the tech giants are serious about emancipation, they should hire women and people of color for these jobs which could very easily boost families who need it.

The whole left-liberal bias by these tech giants seems like a gigantic fraud if you consider the above statistics.


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