DDoS For Hire: This 20-year old sold DDoS attacks via website for $10 onwards


20-year old British man sold DDoS for hire services for as low as $10 arrested and given a suspended sentence

The lure of making the fast buck is great among today’s youth. A British teenager set up a DDoS for Hire website and sold his DDoS attacks kit for as low as $10(£8). The law finally caught up with him and he was arrested last year and has been given a suspended sentence considering his young age and no prior records.

The man named, Joseph Connolly is a 20-year old from Banstead, Surrey. In an effort to make quick money he launched his own website offering DDoS services for Hire. Connolly was sentenced by a Judge of Guilford Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to money laundering and cybercrime offenses.

Surrey Police said Connolly’s website was capable of causing “permanent damage, financial loss and reputational damage to individuals and businesses”.

DDoS for Hire services

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable to legitimate users by overloading it with massive amounts of fake traffic. Since DDoSing a website requires the right hardware, a new breed of entrepreneurs who operate DDoS-for-hire services (a.k.a. stressers or booters) has emerged. These DDoSing services offer users the option to anonymously DDoS any target for a rental based on the amount of fake traffic required.

Basically these DDoS for Hire services are usually selling is access to DDoS botnets: networks of malware-infected computers, which are in turn being “subleased” to subscribers. Since DDoSing is illegal in almost all countries, these DDoS for Hire services camouflage their services as  “stressers” to make the authorities believe that they are testing the stress limits of their own network. Others call themselves a spade and offer “booter” or “ddoser” services. The services offered are exactly the same, so there’s no actual difference between booter, stresser, or ddoser.

Many buyers seek such DDoS services for different reasons. Most of such buyers are business rivals who want to shut down their competition. As strange as it may sound, today just about anyone can use a stresser to paralyze an unprotected website for a small fee. To locate one of these you don’t even need to school yourself in the mysterious ways of the Deep Web, just conduct a simple Google search.

Coming back to Connolly who started his DDoSing services in 2017 with his own DDoS for Hire website called SuperiorStressor. The website offered “competitive pricing” on packages, that included “24/7 support” for customers looking to launch an attack.

20-year old British man sold DDoS for hire services for as low as $10 arrested and given a suspended sentence


Connolly’s website was an immediate success and it came to the notice of the Investigators in 2017 when he was in his late teens. The investigations revealed that Connolly used the website to DDoS websites and then launder the money he collected from the service. The Police are also investigating his accomplices, both juveniles living in the U.S. with collaboration by the FBI.


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