Database of Russian electronic voters put on sale on Dark Web hacker forums


Unknown hackers have put passport numbers of voters of June/July constitutional amendment vote in Russia for sale on dark web hacker forums

Russian security intelligence firm Kommersant discovered an unknown hacker group has put the database containing passport data of Russian citizens. Kommersant researchers believe that the data belongs to the Russian voters who voted using the electronic voting system to vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution. The Russian constitutional amendment voting took place from June 25 to July 1, 2020.

Kommersant(Russian) says that the hackers have leaked the database on multiple hacker forums. The database contains more than 1.1 million records of Russian voters and is being sold for $1.50 for each record and $1.00 for each record if the buyer buys the whole database.

Kommersant says there is a huge demand for this particular database. It is because in itself passports don’t have much demand but if sold with voter names, the database becomes premium. Potential buyers can then use the passport in conjunction with other personal details for deploying sophisticated phishing attacks or even steal an identity.

The electronic voting held in Russia in the last week of June was fraught with cyber risks. Just days after the voting, Meduza reported on 9th July that the entire voter database was exposed to hackers. It put out a report revealing an executable file and access to the database via an open link. The exposed database contained encrypted passport data. It is this database that is being sold now according to Kommersant.

Russia has denied that the voters’ database was exposed. Artem Kostyrko of the Moscow government’s Intelligence Projects Department at that time said that the report was false.


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