Data leaks show Jadavpur University students kept a Google Drive with unclad images girl students of girl


Jadavpur data leaks: University students maintained a Google Drive with unclad images girl students, shared them among classmates

It seems the Bois Locker Room effect is spreading to the rest of India. So now after Bois Locker Room and Girls Locker Room, now we have the all-new Jadavpur Leaks. The Jadavpur University has been in news for its left-oriented dharnas and sit-ins. Now it seems it will be famous for its Jadavpur Leaks. The boy students of the University maintained a Google Drive with nude and semi-nude images of their fellow girl students. The boys used to share these images in their personal chats.

The leaks were made public by one of the victims, a Twitter user, Aiyoobrows, who tweeted about the boys maintaining a Google drive containing explicit images of the girl students. The girl made some startling accusations in the tweet thread saying that, “A group of men from a premier institute from Kolkata, have been using semi-nude and nude pictures of women in a Google drive and circulating it among their friends. These pictures have been used to threaten women in the past. The drive has been existent since 2016.”

In the thread, Aiyoobrows accused a Jadavpur student of starting the account for Google Drive and then sharing it among his friends among the university. She said that the students were members of a well known Jadavpur Students Facebook Group called Jadavpur University Model United Nations Group which is also called Kolkata MUN group among students.

Aiyoobrows tweets went viral as several other girls on Twitter admitted knowing about its existence. The Twitterati called for strict police action against the boys of Jadavpur University who are keeping such a Google Drive and sharing girl student images. It seems that the high-class culture of New Delhi is fast spreading to the rest of India like the coronavirus pandemic.


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