Dark web TOR Browser 9.5 released


Dark web Tor Browser 9.5 released, now makes it easier for users to visit mainstream websites with onion URLs

The dark web browser, TOR yesterday released an update that will give TOR users’ option to either visit the mainstream website surface website or dark website. If the surface website is more secure, the Tor browser will henceforth offer the alternative to Dark Web users to visit that site.

“For the first time, Tor Browser users on the desktop will be able to opt-in for using onion sites automatically whenever the website makes them available,”

Tor Project

The new Tor Version 9.5 is based on Firefox 77 which was released simultaneously. Readers should note that the Tor Browser is based on Firefox code and is designed to offer more anonymity to users.

The new update now allows Tor browser users to opt for either the surface website or the dark website. When they visit a normal website that also has a .onion URL, the new Tor update will inform the view about the availability of an onion URL through an icon in the HTTP web address bar saying “.onion available.” If the user wants, he/she can just click on this icon and visit the mainstream website’s onion version.

The Tor browser will also let users know if the dark web website of that particular destination is more secure with a popup that says, “There’s a more private and secure version of this site available over the Tor network via onion services.” It’ll then take you to the browser’s settings, where you can choose whether to always opt into visiting the website’s .onion URL automatically or opt-in.

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Users need to know that top services like Facebook, DuckDuckGo, The New York Times, the BBC, Pornhub, etc offer Tor websites to users to escape surveillance and snooping. The problem with using the Tor browser for onion URLs is that they are difficult to remember as they are made of unique characters. This unlike the surface websites which are easy to remember URLs.

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Here is an example-DuckDuckGo.com is easy but its onion version https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion is nearly impossible to remember. The new update solves this issue by reminding you when you visit DuckDuckGo that its onion version is also available and offering you a one-click changeover.

You can download the Tor Browser version 9.5 from here.


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