Cypher Notepad provides hybrid encryption to create and save your file securely


You can easily create and encrypt your files using Cypher Notepad

In the world full of technology and cybersecurity lets get forward to provide better security to our files. As you all know there are multiple cybercriminals activities that can affect our systems and leak data at any moment. This notepad encrypts the files you create and save on your device and you need to just do is add a key. Yes, that simple, Cypher Notepad provides Hybrid Encryption to create and save files on a device.

Cypher Notepad is easy to use. Users don’t need to care about encryption and decryption. Just keep your secret key. It has a simple UI and Its interface is extremely familiar to users. Users don’t need to worry about getting used to it. Cypher Notepad is the best choice to secure your data. It provides hybrid encryption that uses both RSA and AES.

The amazing thing about Cypher Notepad is that you can also encrypt another available file on your device and secure them easily. So now let’s take a look at how you can download and encrypt your files using Cypher Notepad.

How to use Cypher Notepad?

It is hard to say but Cypher Notepad is only available on Windows and Linux, we will be soon posting an alternative for Apple users too. Now let’s download the Cypher Notepad from below:

Cypher Notepad for Windows  Cypher Notepad for Linux

Download Guide

  • The program requires Java Runtime Environment(JRE) 1.8.
  • You can also download JRE1.8 separately by yourself¬†here. (But we highly recommend you to download bundled JRE version which is minimized to fit the program.)
  • If you have JRE then you can download the Cypher Notepad from the buttons above

By default, any text file we create is going to be encrypted. We can always remove the encryption simply by formatting and encryption. We can save it wherever we want. Once we have created text files with Cypher Notepad we can keep them safe without any possible intruders ever accessing them

Encrypt an already created file

  • Open Cypher NotePad
  • open a new file and select it.
  • Then you have to go to format and click on encryption.
  • Automatically that file will be encrypted.

Note: The files that are encrypted can only be opened by the key set at the time of installation.

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