Cybersecurity Exposure Index 2020: Finland tops, America 7th, India 55th and Afganistan comes last


Finland Tops, United States is 7th, India 55th and Afghanistan comes last in the new Cybersecurity Exposure Index 2020

This is one index that every country should take seriously. The Cybersecurity Exposure Index (CEI) by lists the countries the way they are exposed to cybersecurity and cybercrimes. has been issuing this Index every year in collaboration with Microsoft and the International Telecommunication Union and lists the countries most and least exposed to cybercrime. The Index measures countries based on exposure to malware, trojans, phishing scams, and broader “level of commitment to cybersecurity”.

This year the new Cybersecurity Exposure Index was published on 2nd June and has no surprises. The Scandinavian countries again top the list area wise while Finland citizens are least exposed to cybercrimes. When it comes to cybersecurity, the top five most secure countries are Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Australia, Estonia while the least secure and most exposed countries to cybercrime, malware, and scams are Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Palestine, Venezuela.

The United States comes in at 7th with moderate exposure to cybercrimes and a good cybersecurity regime in place. India, though fares rather poorly coming in at 55th position in the Index worse than China (41) but definitely better than its neighbors Bangladesh(77), Pakistan(76), and Burma(84).

Speaking on the announcement of the CEI 2020, the founder of Josh Frisby said: “Cybersecurity is imperative to secure digital infrastructures, devices, and identities and while some countries may be more exposed than others, the commitment to protect against cybercrime should dominate the priorities of every organization and individual.

“Depending on where you reside, you may be more or less exposed to cybercrime but, by taking the appropriate steps, such as using a password manager to securely store your credentials, browsing the web via a VPN when using unsecured public WiFi and employing security software, you substantially increase your protection against cyber attacks”.

From the looks of it, the poor the country is the more exposed it is to cybercrimes. As a continent, Africa fares badly as does Asia while Europe is way better in the Index.


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