Cyberattacks caused Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment site explosion


Explosion at Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment site and missile building facility in Parchin military complex near Tehran caused by Israeli cyberattacks

Ever since the Iranian destroyer Konarak was sunk due to friendly fire, it has widely believed that its military installations were under continuous cyberattacks from Israel and U.S. based agencies. In the past week, there have been several fire and explosion incidents in Iran which also are believed to have been caused due to cyber attacks by Israel according to reports.

The first incident occurred in the Parchin region where a fire broke out the missile building facility. Iranian officials blamed the Parchin explosion on a gas leak but there more to the explosion than meets the eye. The second incident was at the Natanz nuclear enrichment site. Last week citizens heard explosions at Natanz site. The Iranian authorities claimed that it was a minor fire in one of the under-construction buildings. Aa spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Herhroz Kamalundi, said that the accident was a minor and did not result in casualties. He also said that it would not hinder the nuclear enrichment program, but rather hit a building under construction.

However, sources told Kuwaiti based newspaper, Al Jaridha that the Natanz explosion was a result of a cyberattack from Israel. A source in the Atomic Energy Organization confirmed to Al-Jarida that the “Natanz” incident was like the explosion of the Parchin region last week, as it targeted UF6 gas stores used in uranium enrichment. The source told Al Jaridha that both the explosions could set Iran’s nuclear and missile plans back by two months. The Iranian source pointed out that Iran will need about two months to compensate for the gas lost in the explosions, and that it must actually reduce the speed of its uranium enrichment by 80%.

The explosions apparently caused Iran to lose more than 80% of its stock of UF6 gas. The source said that the two explosions confirmed the existence of coordinated sabotage operations, likely to be an electronic attack on the computer network that controls the storage compression devices.

It is believed to be the work of Israel in response to the Iranian hackers hacking into the Israeli Water Authority a few weeks ago. It is worth noting that Tel Aviv’s cyberattack caused the friendly fire and Konarak to sink. Iranian hackers took revenge of the Konarak sinking by hacking into the IWA and causing mayhem in Israel.

Natanz nuclear enrichment facility is not new to cyberattacks. It was one of the main victims of Stuxnet malware as part of a campaign supposedly conducted by the United States and Israel.

The Natanz and Parchin fire explosions responsibility has also been claimed by homebrewed Iranian dissident group calling itself “Cheetahs of the Homeland” who have said they were responsible for the attack on the facility at Natanz, but it did not+ provide additional details.


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