CWM Custom Recovery for Lenovo S820

29 Apr 2014

CWM Custom Recovery for Lenovo S820 – Installing custom recovery is the next step after successful rooting your #Lenovo #S820, ClockWorkMod, morecommonly know as CWM is the most famous custom recovery for Android phone it allow users to perform several advanced recovery, installation, advanced backup restore and maintenance android device that are not possible with stock recovery. At this moment changing recovery module or customize android system file is prohibit and may cause void warranty so do this with your our risk.

CWM Custom Recovery for Lenovo S820

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Downloads :
CWM Custom Recovery for Lenovo S820 
  1. Your Lenovo S820 must has been Rooted, if you need guide how to rooting Lenovo S820 please read the other page on this blog
  2. Open Root Explorer, rename Lenovo-S820_ROW_130922__recovery_020101-004132 file to recovery.img and move it to root of your sd card.
  3. Still on Root Explorer navigate to /system  then make backup your recovery-from-boot.p this file is your current stock recovery don’t ever lose it.
    CWM Custom Recovery for Lenovo S820
  4. Now we are ready to install custom recovery, Open Mobileuncle MTK Tools and select Recovery Update, recovery.img or lenovo-S820_ROW_130922__recovery_020101-004132.img will on select list just select it and begin to installation. 
    CWM Custom Recovery for Lenovo S820
  5. Wait until Done information show up, and Reboot into Recovery option show up, select OK, your device will automatically reboot into recovery mode.
  6. Done. 
Congratulations, you has successful change your stock recovery with CWM Recovery, Thank you for reading this guide don’t hesitate to comments if you have problems..
    1. hi andy, seems that u dont have the restoration guide, i just want ur suggestion of any rom or custom rom that can be install/flash with my flashed cwm, and also with google play compatible, thank u.

      details: — model no. lenovo s820,
      android version 4.4.2,
      baseband version s820.v102, 2014/11/11 11:10
      build no. vibeui_v2.0_1501_7.69.1_dev_s820

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