Counter-Strike 1.6 in a browser on outage due to popularity


A day after launch, Counter-Strike 1.6 online players left in the lurch as the website goes down while playing

The hugely popular game, Counter-Strike is back but in an online avatar. A website, has created the browser version of the game which lets gamers play the classic game with their friends and/or bots. The fun is that the website seems to created by an open-source developer and hence needs no registration or signup.

The bad news is that due to the popularity of among the Counter-Strike 1.6 gamers, the website is facing issues intermittently due to its huge popularity. Right now the is down and facing an outage due to heavy load of visitors.

At the time of writing this article, the website is giving a Gateway Timed Out error which means that too many gamers are visiting the to play the CounterStrike 1.6 online in their browsers. Website status checker, IsItDownRightNow says that is down for everyone since past 6 hours.

Counter-Strike 1.6 in a browser on outage due to popularity

However, when I visited to play my favorite map, GG War map, I found it online but only for just. Immediately it crashed and gave me the gateway error.  We are trying to connect with the developer and will bring you updates as they happen.

You can read all about the browser version of Counter-Strike 1.6 here.


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