CouchSurfing hacked; hackers put database of 17 million users for sale on hacker forum


Free homestay and lodge network, CouchSurfing suffers a mega data breach, hackers put data of 17 million users for sale on hacker forums

CouchSurfing, the homestay and lodging social network was breached and hackers managed to steal user details of 17 million users. The hackers put up the database for sale on Dark Web hacker forums for $700 according to ZDNet.

CouchSurfing is a preferred social networking service among lodgers. It connects the homestay providers with lodgers for free. It is available for both desktop and mobiles. Members can request lodging publicly or directly from other members. CouchSurfing is also used for casual dating and is very popular. CouchSurfing is currently ranked as one of the top 11,000 most popular websites according to Alexa traffic ranking.

The database put up for sale by the hackers contains user IDs, real names, email addresses, and CouchSurfing account settings. Strangely the database doesn’t have passwords and this may be the reason for such a low bid price set by the hackers. ZDNet report says that the CouchSurfing data breach happened in July 2020. The report adds that the database first appeared on private Telegram channels and later on the hackers put it up for sale on RAID Forums, the go-to place for buying and selling stolen databases on the public internet.

CloudSuring officials said that they are investigating the data breach and have called in law enforcement agencies to help them out.



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