Confidential Computing Consortium body to standardize encryption adds Accenture, AMD, Facebook and Nvidia


Accenture, AMD, Facebook, and Nvidia sign up for ‘Confidential Computing Consortium’ formed to standardize data encryption

Soon we will have a standard for the way our day to data is encrypted thanks to the industry group called the Confidential Computing Consortium. The CCC was founded by big names in the tech industry and aims to standardize the way that data is encrypted while in use.

The Linux Foundation-backed Confidential Computing Consortium today added 10 more members to the community making the road to standardization easier. The CCC today welcomed Accenture Plc, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Facebook Inc., and Nvidia Corp to the group in addition to lesser-known tech companies like Anjuna Security Inc., Anqlave Pte. Ltd., Cosmian Tech SAS, iExec Blockchain Tech SAS, IoTeX and R3 Technologies Corp.

The consortium was established in 2019 by Microsoft Corp. with the backing of Linux Foundation and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Arm Ltd., Baidu Inc., Google Cloud, IBM Corp., Intel Corp., Red Hat Inc. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. as the founding members. The CCC is striving to define encryption standards so that there is a single method for ensuring how the data is encrypted while it’s being processed in-memory, without exposing it to other parts of a computer system.

As of now, there are standards for encrypting data at rest and data in transit and are already used but there is still no standard for secure information as it’s actually being used. The Confidential Computing Consortium is advancing the development of an open-source framework called the Open Enclave Software Development Kit. It’s used to build Trusted Execution Environments for applications that can run on multiple kinds of computing architectures.

TEEs refer to a secure part of computer chips that can encrypt the data and code that’s loaded inside it so that other parts of the processor cannot access it. Effectively what they do is create an isolated execution environment that protects data as it’s being used. The Consortium hopes the Open Enclave SDK will become a common framework for building applications that can take advantage of TEEs.


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