Church sues Zoom App after hacker Zoombomb Bible-Study Class meeting with unclad children images


California Church sues Zoom App after hacker Zoombombs Bible-Study Class meeting with explicit children images

Zoombombing! Not a week passes without multiple Zoombombing incidents. We have had unknown hackers Zoombomb the South African parliament and Ohio School Board last week. After the latest Zoombombing attack on the Bible Study Group meeting, the California Church has sued Zoom App in a California Court.

Video chat company Zoom is being taken to the court by the church after a hacker hacked users’ computers and played “sick and disturbing children’s videos”.

Saint Paulus Lutheran Church, one of the oldest churches in San Francisco sued the owners of the popular video conferencing App, Zoom. In the lawsuit, the church alleges in its lawsuit that

Zoom allowed a ‘known offender’ — one who ‘has been reported multiple times to the authorities’ — to Zoombomb Saint Paulus’s May 6, 2020 bible-study class … The footages were sick and sickening – portraying adults engaging in sex acts with each other and performing sex acts on infants and children, in addition to physically abusing them.

According to the documents filed by the church, most of the churchgoers ‘attending’ the video meeting were senior citizens who, when they attempted to end the video session and start again, were met with another attack.

(They) had their computer screens hijacked and their control buttons disabled while being forced to watch pornographic video footages.

The suit has been filed in the California jurisdiction and could come up for hearing soon.

Zoom’s comments

Zoom responded via a statement, condemning what happened as a “horrific event”.

We were deeply upset to hear about this incident, and our hearts go out to those impacted,” said the company. “Words cannot express how strongly we condemn such behavior. On the same day we learned of this incident, we identified the offender, took action to block their access to the platform and reported them to relevant authorities.

Zoom App has been a big target for hackers due to their lax security implementations. They had promised to tighten on the security but the Zoombombings have only increased. Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed after the worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, it became the numero uno target for hackers who zoombomb a Zoom meeting and later release the images and videos on social media.

At the end of April, the company released an updated Zoom 5.0, however, it seems to have failed to control the zoombombing incidents.


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