Chris Kubecka the digital guardian hacker


Chris Kubecka- The go-to hacker for the governments if they suffer hack attacks

A cyberattack on the Czech coronavirus testing laboratory in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. A large scale state-sponsored hack attack on Japan immediately after the coronavirus lockdown ended in Wuhan. What do these have in common? Both the governments called Chris Kubecka to stop the attacks. The digital guardian angel is currently helping out at least half a dozen countries to protect themselves from data breaches and hack attempts from her Amsterdam apartment.

Remember the recent leak in the British ANPR. Chris was the one to inform the journalists about the serious breach which led to exposing data of 8.6 million car rides. Chris has been the numero-uno go-to hacker for several governments and authorities around the world in case of a hack attack.

Who is Chris Kubecka?

Chris Kubecka is an American computer security researcher and cyberwarfare specialist. She is of half Puerto Rican descent and is currently resident of Amsterdam. Kubecka has worked with NATO, the European Union and academics to develop cyberwarfare exercises, and she’s currently helping craft a joint EU-U.S. response to “cyber malicious activities” — anything from attacking energy grids to election manipulation.

Her hacker resume is full of five-star exploits. While working at Unisys in July 2009, she helped halt a wave of North Korean cyberattacks aimed at South Korea. Remember the Shamoon virus attack on Saudi Arabia’s ARAMCO. She is the one who helped the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain recover from the attack in 2012 when the Shamoon attacks wiped out 85 percent of Aramco’s computer systems.

Chris also has military training. Kubecka has worked for the US Air Force as a Loadmaster. She has also worked for the United States Space Command. She is a seventh-generation military from her family. As a kid growing up in Puerto Rico, Chris was a mathematical genius who did well academically despite the fact that her mother’s drug addictions.

She learned programming by age 6 and was caught hacking the US Department of Justice computer systems when she was only 10. She joined the Air Force as a military aviator at 18 and was injured in the line of duty. The USAF shifted her to command and control systems at Space Command after the injury.

Chris is renowned among security researchers. She was the key guest speaker at November’s Aviation Cyber Security conference in London. “She is a go-to professional for governments. There are only a certain number who can both frame the problem conceptually and put it in straight fucking English so somebody can understand. And she can do that,” says Bryson Bort, founder of cybersecurity consultancy GRIMM. Another colleague from NSA, Jeff Man says that “She can rattle the cages and turn over a few more stones and dig a little deeper.”

Right now she is helping the United States government and NATO to craft a response to “cyber malicious activities.” She and freelance writer Gerard Jannsen stumbled upon a major security flaw in Sheffield City Council’s automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) which leaked the database of car rides in Britain.

She currently is the CEO of HypaSec, a security firm she founded in 2015.


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