Chinese gray market is selling iPhone 11 with yet to be released iOS 14


Apple’s upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 14 is already being sold on iPhone 11 in China Gray market

Last week it was reported that Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 has been leaked by hackers and the source code was circulating on the hacker forums and among jailbreaking community. Now it is confirmed that the leak is quite significant with Chinese gray market traders selling iPhone 11 preloaded with iOS 14.

The iOS 14 was supposed to be announced by Apple in June 2020 at the WWDC and released for iPhone users in September 2020. However, Apple security seems to have been caught napping as security researchers and hackers had access to a leaked early iOS 14 version as soon as February this year.

It happens that some code of the yet to be released iOS operating system leak before launch, but this time the whole source code was available. A week earlier it was reported that the iOS 14 was leaked because somebody obtained an iPhone 11 running a version of iOS 14 dated December 2019, intended only for Apple developers. It was assumed that once the iOS 14 source code was extracted, it was leaked across the iPhone jailbreaking and hacking community.

Now it appears this is not so and that particular iPhone 11 was not an anomaly as it has been found that the Chinese gray market is selling iPhone 11s preloaded with iOS 14. Chinese websites are reporting that Chinese traders are already offering iPhones preloaded with iOS 14 for a premium.

“The pre-release could prove as a trove for a lot of information” says Ryan Duff, the security researcher working for Cybersecurity firm SIXGEN which was the first to discover data leak of latest iOS 14 version.

The new iOS 14 has many improvements including support for mouse cursor along with a trackpad enabled iPad Keyboards.

It has already been established that iPhones are no longer hack-proof as they are claimed by Apple. Further, jailbreakers announced a jailbreak tool for iOS 13.5 on the same day it was released, and now iPhone 11 in China available for buyers preloaded with iOS 14.

It seems that the Apple security team is not up to its job and unable to prevent leaks. It has failed to protect the source codes of older iOS as well as the current iOS 13.5 and upcoming iOS 14. The hackers are leaking iPhone 12 logic board images with impunity.

The news of the availability of iOS 14 source code is a mouth-watering prospect for cybercriminals. In fact, it means cybercriminals can get their iPhone exploits ready early, to prepare for launch as soon as iOS 14 hits. Apple has not responded to the iOS 14 leak yet and we will keep you updated.



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