China warns United States of stealing TikTok video uploading App


Chinese mouthpiece, People’s Daily accuses the United States of stealing TikTok, says it won’t just sit and watch TikTok being taken over by America

Yesterday we had reported how President Trump consented to Microsoft taking over the popular short video uploading App, TikTok in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The United States President Donald Trump had in July said that TikTok would be banned unless it is taken over by an American company. After Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella spoke with President Trump, the President reportedly gave Microsoft the go-ahead to acquire TikTok and the deal is expected to be finalized by September 15, 2020.

However, the United States and President Trump’s unilateral actions against TikTok have caused a furor in China and the Chinese leadership is not happy. China’s largest-selling daily and top communist mouthpiece, China Daily has published an editorial on the supposed takeover of TikTok by Microsoft. The editorial says that the TikTok takeover is theft of a Chinese company. It adds that TikTok was “bullied” by the United States to break up and accede to ownership by an American company.

The People’s Daily editorial warns of severe action against the United States for stealing TikTok. It warns that Beijing has “plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and grab”. China won’t just sit and watch TikTok being taken over by an American company, says the editorial.

Future of ByteDance and TikTok

ByteDance really has no option but to sell TikTok and make the most money out of it. Getting banned in India, one of TikTok’s largest markets was bad enough. Now losing the United States market would have spelled doom for TikTok and ByteDance. The Indian ban hurt TikTok and ByteDance valuations and a U.S. ban by President Trump would have reduced the company into a fringe player.

Is Apple China’s target for hurting America?

The U.S. vs China standoff will have a casualty on the US side. But who will it be? Many industry watchers believe Apple could be one of the first victims. We had reported how an old patent suit was suddenly reived in China after Xiao-i filed a $1.4 billion patent infringement suit against Apple in the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. The case dated back to 2012 and reviving it now during the TikTok takeover reveals that Apple could be China’s possible target.

Apple has been on Chinese radar for quite some time. Apple has so far escaped without any sanctions In the Chinese market, but there’s a chance this could all change if TikTok is eventually purchased by Microsoft.


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