China made $5 USB sold as ‘5G Bioshield USB’ to gullible British for $1000 a piece


5G Bioshield USB promised protection against 5G emissions sold for $1000 to gullible U.K. citizens is just a Chinese $5 USB

This is a scam on a massive scale to cheat British citizens already depressed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Recently, there have been widespread rumors about the ill effects of 5G emissions on public health in the United Kingdom. The rumors have no basis but spread fears among the Britishers and resulted in widespread arson incidents against 5G towers being installed all over Britain. The last arson incident was reported yesterday when unknown assailants attacked a 5G tower in Mossley Hill, Liverpool, and badly damaged it just days after it was erected.

A scammer decided to take advantage of the already depressed situation and the 5G fear in the minds of the British to launch a product called 5G Bioshield USB. The scammer promised that his 5G Bioshield USB protects users against the 5G emissions. The scammer promised that the 5G Biosheild USB will protect users against the 5G emissions “thanks to the wearable holographic nano-layer catalyzer, which can be worn or placed near to a smartphone or any other electrical, radiation or EMF emitting device.”

The 5G Bioshield USB scammer lists following benefits from using the products:

Quantum Oscillation: Through a process of quantum oscillation the 5GBioShield USB Key balances and reharmonizes the disturbing frequencies arising from the electric fog induced by devices, such as laptops, cordless phones, wi-fi, tablets, etc.

Restoring Coherence of Atoms: The 5GBioShield USB Key restores the coherence of the geometry of the atoms, which allows a perfect induction for life forces, by (re-) creating a cardiac coherence, via plasmic support and interactivity.

Emitting Life Force Frequencies: The 5GBioShield USB Key emits a large number of life force frequencies favoring a general revitalization of the body, adjusting them according to the absorption capacity of each respective individual.

You can notice that the scammer has thrown in a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo to fool his gullible victims. The scammer also has a 3 in one version of the 5G Bioshield USB which retails for $1000.

5G Bioshield USB promised protection against 5G emissions sold for $1000 to gullible U.K. citizens is just a Chinese $5 USB

Teardown of the supposed 5G Bioshield USB by PenTestPartners

The 5G Bioshield USB feeds on the fears of the UK citizens and has got a lot of attention in social media networks. Many Britons are buying into the scam story and making the 5G Bioshield USB scammer richer without even finding out if the USB stick really protects them against the so-called 5G emissions. Even some government agencies seem to have got this one wrong. Six months ago the UK’s Glastonbury Town Council set up a 5g Advisory Committee to explore the safety of the technology, and last month the local paper reported their findings. The fantastic/idiotic news is that the council recommended the 5G Bioshield USB (page 31 of this PDF):

5G Bioshield We use this device and find it helpful.

A security firm, PenTestPartners decided to give a look-see at the so-called panacea of 5G emissions and their findings prove beyond doubt that there is nothing called a 5G shield and the 5G Bioshield USB is bogus.

They found that the 5G Biosheild USB sold to gullible buyers for $1000 is nothing but a $5 empty USB stick with a fancy sticker on it and made by Shenzen Tushi Technology Co. Ltd in China. The USB itself is 128MB in size and contains a 25 page PDF brochure of the 5GbioShield ‘s website. It included a Q&A of distances for the “bubble” and how to know if it is working. It’s an “always-on” system apparently, is always working, powered or not, so no visual checks needed.

5G Bioshield USB scam with fancy packaging

It is said that you can sell a donkey as a horse with fancy packaging. This is the principal the Bioshield USB makers have implemented in full. The Bioshield USB comes in a purple pouch that diamond merchants use to keep diamonds. The USB itself has engraved ‘crystal’ holder having the George and The Dragon from the reverse of a medal made by William Wyon for Prince Albert in 1845 making it look exotic and a panacea for all the 5G ills.

But the USB itself is nothing but crap without any virtue. The scammers hope to become millionaires feeding on the fears of the ordinary and gullible.

This scam has come into the notice of U.K. authorities and according to BBC, a probe has been ordered. Trading Standards office is seeking to halt sales of 5G Bioshield USB. “We consider it to be a scam,” Stephen Knight, operations director for London Trading Standards told the BBC.

It remains to be seen how the 5G Bioshield USB has been in circulation for above 6 months without the British authorities noticing the scam. Further, how was it endorsed by the regional councils without a probe?

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