Prime Minister Modi deletes his Weibo account


India vs China: Prime Minister Modi’s Weibo account deleted profile photo, posts taken down


Update: Prime Minister Modi’s Weibo account was deleted by PMO. This was confirmed half hour back.

Weibo is a microblogging website and the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Since Twitter is banned in China, Weibo is the only source of instant blogging available to the citizens however it is hugely controlled by the CCP through Weibo Corporation.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Weibo account was launched in 2015 ahead of his maiden visit to China. The Weibo account was mainly used by the Indian PMO to convey information about India, Sino-India ties, greet President Xi on his birthday, or welcome the Chinese new year and festivals. PM Modi’s Weibo account had 244,000 followers most of whom were from mainland China.

After the Indian government issued a notification banning 59 Chinese Apps including TikTok and UC Browser for spying and data security-related charges, it was expected that China would ban some Indian websites.

This morning Weibo users noticed that the Indian Prime Minister profile was removed and all the posts were deleted. The Chinese counsel in India refused to comment on the issue but the Indian consulate said that China has similarly deleted its WeChat statements about the Galwan valley clash. Tencent, which owns WeChat refused to comment on why the Indian consulate’s statements were deleted.

Updated at 24.30 hrs IST : It is confirmed that the Weibo account was deleted by the PMO


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