Cheaper OnePlus 8 Lite aka OnePlus Z to be released


Cheaper OnePlus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z to be launched on 16th April 2020

Just two days back, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus released two flagship smartphones, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The smartphones managed to create hype even in these depressed Corona Virus times. However, both smartphones are the most expensive OnePlus smartphones ever. The OnePlus 8 smartphone price starts at $699 (roughly Rs. 53,200), while OnePlus 8 Pro price begins at $899 (roughly Rs. 68,400) going to a whole $1000(Rs.75,000) for the high end one.

The OnePlus smartphones began their journey in 2015 by bringing top specifications Android smartphones at an affordable price. The OnePlus One launched in July 2015 was priced at $399 (Rs.30,000.00). Now with base model of OnePlus 8, the price has nearly doubled at $699.00.

Both the phones were launched on April 14 along with OnePlus’ new wireless headphones – the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger.

It seems that the company wants to bridge the high-gap with a lite version of OnePlus 8. On Wednesday, OnePlus released a teaser of the new product launch on Chinese social media. Though OnePlus has not revealed the mysterious device, it is rumored that OnePlus is likely to unveil OnePlus 8 Lite (name not confirmed) which will have toned down specifications of the newly launched OnePlus 8 phones. Another name doing rounds for the new smartphone is OnePlus Z.

The teaser shows a white box OnePlus posted on Weibo. If indeed the new product is OnePlus 8 Lite Android smartphone, we can expect a cheaper version of newly launched OnePlus 8 phones. This will be a relief to many customers who on social media have expressed their apprehensions over the prices of OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8.

We will know about the new product in an hour as OnePlus is hosting the Chinese launch of the OnePlus 8 series at 7 pm CST Asia (4:30 pm IST) today. The new product is likely to be featured in this launch.

Cheaper OnePlus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z to be launched on 16th April 2020

Cheaper OnePlus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z to be launched on 16th April 2020

Most likely, the OnePlus 8 Lite OnePlus Z would feature a 6.4-inch display, triple rear camera setup, and a centre-aligned hole-punch for the selfie shooter. The phone is also rumored to pack a 4,000mAh battery. Leaks confirm that OnePlus has been working on a budget smartphone. Some leaks say that OnePlus Z smartphone that is a revamped version of OnePlus X that was introduced in 2015.


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