Caviar is taking pre-orders for Elon Musk, SpaceX-themed iPhone 12 for $6000


A Russian smartphone maker Caviar is selling Elon Musk, SpaceX-themed iPhone 12 for $5830 each; Apple is yet to launch iPhone 12

Apple fanbois are eagerly awaiting the d-day when the Redmond giant announces the upcoming iPhone 12 which could be in late September. But there is already a company out there which is already taking preorders for iPhone 12 and selling them at a whopping $5830 apiece.

Russian smartphone and accessory maker, Caviar is selling limited editions of customized “Musk Be On Mars” iPhone 12 on its website. For about $5,830, customers receive a SpaceX-themed phone featuring one of SpaceX rockets and Musk’s signature on the back.

Caviar is hedging its bets on Apple fanbois not minding shelling out few thousand dollars for a brand new Elon Musk and SpaceX themed iPhone 12 rather than wait for Apple’s launch event.  The Russian phone maker hopes to cash in on the recent successful SpaceX launch for NASA and promises on its website that, “The body of the model Discovery Musk Be On Mars has a built-in real piece of the SpaceX mission that was in space. This is not just an accessory, this is a valuable artifact. Owning it, you become a member of a space shuttle crew, a piece of history, a hero who conquers the space.”

Caviar is offering following versions of iPhone 12:

iPhone 12 DescriptionStoragePrice
iPhone 12 Pro128GB Internal Memory$5830
iPhone 12 Pro256GB Internal Memory$6140
iPhone 12 Pro512GB Internal Memory$6520
iPhone 12 Pro Max128GB Internal Memory$6290
iPhone 12 Pro Max256GB Internal Memory$6600
iPhone 12 Pro Max512GB Internal Memory$6980

Caviar has also released a video for marketing the Elon Musk and SpaceX themed iPhone 12

The company says it will be selling very few editions of the Elon Musk themed iPhone 12 so buyers should hurry. Caviar is in the business of making extravagant smartphones. Earlier, it had announced a solid-gold iPhone 12 with a starting price of whopping $23,000.

Apple’s iPhone 12 will be considerably cheaper to Caviar’s Elon Musk themed iPhone 12. Apple executives confirmed last month that the iPhone 12 would go on sale slightly later than previous models of the top-selling smartphone. CFO Luca Maestri said the iPhone 12 would hit stores “a few weeks later” than the late September release date of last year’s new models.

If you have the money to burn and can trust Caviar, you can buy this ‘ártifact.’ Caviar is promising a worldwide delivery. Plus you get the SpaceX logo on the back of your iPhone 12.


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