Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 to be released on October 14, here is what’s new


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 to be released on October 14 with ‘Cranked’ game mode in Multiplayer

Call of Duty Season 11 marks the one-year anniversary for the game and said to be a major update for the team, as well as the players. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will be released on October 14 and the developers have shared an update for what to expect from the new season. The update size is approximately 2GB, and it comes with a bunch of new content, which is quite amazing. But, sadly, features like ‘Night mode’ and the new ‘Alcatraz’ Battle Royale Map will only be available with Season 14’s launch.

The new Battle Pass will be available from October 15 and it will bring new epic soldiers, new epic blueprints including QQ9 – Neon Grunge, KRM-262 – Point and Click, DL Q33 – Neon Burst, AK117 – Neon Lotus, and Fennec – Verdant. A new Legendary Calling Card called Tac Insertion and new Call of Duty: Mobile themed items will be added as well.

According to a media report, it was known that the game will offer free Battle Pass rewards with a new SMG called Fennec and a new Scorestreak called Advanced UAV. Also, the COD Mobile season 11 will come with special Anniversary and Halloween events with new challenges and missions. A new gun — NA-45 – will be added, as well as a new park called Tactician that allows spawning with an extra piece of tactical equipment.

The new Call of Duty Mobile update introduces a new game mode in Multiplayer, which is Cranked. In the game mode, players have to get a new kill within the limited time, or they’ll explode. So, Cranked is all about fighting against the clock. Other than that, the massive update also brings the new ‘King’ map in Multiplayer, which will also go live on October 14th.

The Akimbo perk for the Fennec gun will allow players to dual wield weapons but will disable ADS (aim down sights). AK 47 gets a 5.45 Caliber Ammo attachment that increases the fire rate. The HVK30 gets Large Caliber ammo attachment that increases damage to head and upper chest shots. Further, a greater number of maps will get 10v10 TDM, 10v10 DOM, Kill Confirmed, and Capture the Flag game modes.

There are also many optimizations and improvements to multiplayer, battle royale mode, multiplayer and battle royale ranks, and system updates coming in Season 11. For more news on tech and cybersecurity news stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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