EBook website, Eboek.info refuses to take down its website after BREIN threatens it


Popular EBook WebSite Eboek.info Refuses to Cooperate With Dutch Anti-Piracy Body, BREIN

An EBook website is fighting a lone battle against the authorities who want it shut down. If you are into reading, you may probably have visited Eboek.info which carries digital formats of almost all the comics that are released in the world. The popularity of Eboek.info which is based in the Netherlands has also the ire of the authorities and BREIN, the Dutch Anti-Piracy body, which is best known for taking The Pirate Bay.org to the courts.

In its defense, Eboek.info says it provides digital versions of comics to people who’ve already bought a physical copy but BREIN insists this is illegal. BREIN has asked Eboek.info either to take down all the content or shut down the website. But the website has decided to fight it out. It told BREIN that it won’t remove even a single comic strip from its website and the BREIN vs EBoek.info fight looks to be headed over to the court.

Popular EBook WebSite Eboek.info Refuses to Cooperate With Dutch Anti-Piracy Body, BREIN

To be fair to Eboek.info, it specifically mentions on its homepage that only those who have purchased the physical copy of the comic may download the digital copy and that too for home use. EBoek.info has been in existence for 4 years and mainly caters to the Dutch users looking to obtain comic books.

“EBoek.info is a site about comic books in the Dutch language. Besides some general information about the books, people who have legally obtained a hard copy of the books can find a link to an NZB file which enables them to download a digital version of the books they already have,” site representative ‘Zala’ told Torrent Freak.

For the uninitiated, NZB files are a bit like Usenet’s version of .torrent files. They contain no copyrighted content themselves but do provide software clients with information on where to find specific content, so it can be downloaded to a user’s machine.

“BREIN claims that this is illegal as it is impossible for us to verify if our visitor is telling the truth [about having purchased a copy],” Zala reveals.

Looks like another case of authorities vs torrent websites is in the offing.


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