Buy your favorite gadgets from Flipkart and Amazon from 20th April


You can now buy your non-essential commodities like Smartphones, clothes, kitchen materials, etc from Flipkart and Amazon from 20th April

As you know the global pandemic Corona Virus(COVID-19) has stopped all the world and made its hold everywhere. Due to this pandemic countries had decided to have a nation-wide lockdown and have permitted only the essential commodities. After looking at the current situation government has now allowed the e-commerce websites to deliver non-essential items from April 20.

“Digital economy is critical to the services sector and is important for national growth. Accordingly, e-commerce operations, operations of IT and IT-enabled services, data and call centers for Government activities, and online teaching and distance learning are all permitted activities now,” a statement issued by the government read.

As per the fresh guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the vehicles that are used by e-commerce companies will be allowed to run with permission.“Vehicles used by e-commerce operators will be allowed to ply with necessary permissions,” the guidelines read.

Flipkart will start accepting orders for all the non-essential items from April 20 in compliance with the guidelines issued by the government. “In line with the guidelines announced by the central government and also in collaboration with all states and local authorities, we will continue to serve consumers,” a Flipkart spokesperson told ET.

Amazon, on the other hand, said that it is waiting for some clarification regarding the new guidelines issued.

“The resumption of economic activity from April 20 is a welcome step that would nonetheless depend on unhindered availability of labor that is critical to deliver essential products to people across the country and ensure they can stay home safely,” an Amazon spokesperson told ET.

However, the e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon won’t be able to recover the losses but will be able to provide these non-essential services for the one who is needful.


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