Bug in Google’s Gmail Spam Filter is allowing billions of spam emails to pass through


A bug in Google’s Gmail spam filter causes spam emails to pass through and land in the primary inbox for millions of users

Have you noticed suspected spam emails entering your primary inbox in Google’s Gmail? You are not the only one. For the past one week, a bug in Gmail’s spam filter is causing many spam emails to escape the filter and land in the user’s primary Gmail inbox. Some Gmail users reported that suspected promotional mail and updates were also being forwarded to their primary inbox.

Every day a billion gigabytes of spam is generated by spammers, marketeer, cybercriminals, social engineers, hackers, etc. Google’s gigantic spam filters work 24×7 to stop these potentially harmful mail from landing into user’s primary inbox. Not many know that spam filters protect millions of users from phishing attacks, data loss, and hacking. But in the first week of July 2020, many Gmail users realized that some spam mail was landing in their main Gmail inbox.

Many users took to social media to complain about a sudden influx of spam emails in their Inbox. A Reddit thread discussing the Gmail filter issue was inundated by the same question: “Is anyone else noticing that Gmail spam filters are broken as of an hour or two ago?” The same thing was repeated on Twitter with users tweeting about spam messages directly being sent to their inbox.

Google has acknowledged the problem saying a notable amount of users faced the problem but the issue is now fixed and accounted for. However, may Gmail users are still complaining of filter and category problems on social media. The bug may also cause mislabeling of promotion/update emails and these landing in your primary inbox.

A spokesperson from Google released a statement that the glitch is now fixed and dealt with “We have identified and since fixed the issue of a small number of promotional emails and spam being incorrectly sent to users’ primary inboxes. During this time, scans to filter malware and the most egregious spam and harmful content remained fully operational. Additionally, Gmail users remained protected by the many other features such as link protection and download time security scans which apply for messages in the inbox. We have no reason to believe any accounts were compromised as a result. If you happen to notice a suspicious email, we encourage you to report it as spam. More information on how to report spam can be found by visiting our Help Center.”



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