British minor teens are selling their explicit photos on a social network called OnlyFans


16 year old British teenagers are making upto $25,000 (Rs.18,00,000) a month selling their NSFW images on OnlyFans

Making money is hard work. Many of us out there struggle even to make our ends meet but British minor girls, some of them as young as 15 and 16 years of age have discovered a way of making tonnes of money in a rather macabre way. They are hooked into uploading their own naked images on to a social networking website called OnlyFans. In the process, they earn as much as $25,000 or a whopping Rs.18.00 lacs a month.

Many of the star uploaders even make up to $45,000 (Rs.35.00 lacs) just by uploading their NFSW explicit images on OnlyFans, a BBC3 investigation has found.

The investigative documentary currently being aired on BBC Three titled Nudes4Sale found British teens making as much as $45,000 a month from selling explicit material on websites such as The documentary reveals that OnlyFans is not the only website that allows these girls to sell their explicit images and videos but is by far the most popular choice. These images and videos are further promoted by the teenagers using Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat helping to boost their earnings as well as promote their profiles. According to BBC3, some of these teenagers have turned into successful millionaires in no time.

The documentary spoke to one such teen named Lauren, aged 23, from Northamptonshire. Lauren explained to the BBC reporter Ellie Flynn, how she went on to become one of the British-based website’s top earners in the world in a short period of time. The documentary shows that Lauren has over 2000 fans who pay Lauren nearly $25 per month to view her photos and videos.

Lauren, when asked about her newfound wealth told BBC report that ‘You have to be smart – I’m aware this doesn’t have longevity. My biggest fear is going back into an office and being normal again.’ “I used to make $25000 a year, and now I make a lot more than that every single month,” Lauren says coyly, scrolling on her phone through the page on OnlyFans that shows how much money she’s earning.

Given her age of 23, it is perfectly legal for Lauren to sell her images for profit but the documentary found that many British teens as young as 15 years are getting hooked to this get rich scheme by uploading their naked pics. The documentary also explored the OnlyFans website using facial recognition technology to expose just how young some these girls are.

Research conducted by the BBC looked at 7,728 profiles advertising “nudes4sale“ or similar on various platforms, not just OnlyFans. Another OnlyFans user, Hanna who signed up when she was 16 says it took her several attempts to set up her profile. She says she used the ID her older friend successfully create a profile. Now she is raking in a cool $25000 a month. “I was making like, £15,000 to £20,000 a month,” she says. “I wanted to be quite big and successful and make money, it was a big thing for me.”

Hannah says she hasn’t attended school for the past couple of years. “I used to get a lot of hate at school and I was bullied. I got pushed out of school when I was about 13, 14. I was like, I’m not going to school, it’s not happening.”

Hannah’s story is not uncommon among many other users of OnlyFans. When BBC contacted OnlyFans they said they have a strict underage policy in place but users use fake ids to gain access. “When we were alerted in August 2019 to an allegation that an individual was potentially underage and gained access. We took proactive, swift measures to suspend and limit functionality and activity of the account. She actively conspired with a number of adult accomplices. They all intentionally, knowingly and repeatedly tried to cheat our age verification checks.”

A peek at the OnlyFans website reveals much more than images of adult women. You can read about the BBC 3 Documentary here.


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