Britain could face retaliation for banning Huawei say Chinese media outlets


Chinese government-owned Global Times and Xinhua say China could retaliate against the United Kingdom for blocking Huawei

The Chinese government-run media outlets have warned of retaliation against the United Kingdom after the UK government issued a notification to block Huawei equipment. On Tuesday, the U.K. issued a notification stating that the country’s mobile network operators will not be allowed to buy new Huawei 5G gear after Dec. 31. The notification also called on all British telecom companies to strip out existing Huawei 5G gear by the end of 2027.

The United States administration was happy with the British decision to kick out Huawei from its 5G network. Mike Pompeo tweeted thus:

However, the Chinese government-controlled media outlets like Global Times and Xinhua were not happy with the decision.  Britain should face retaliation over its decision to ban Huawei from its 5G networks, Chinese state-backed media stated, dubbing the move “ill-founded.”

In an editorial, the Global Times wrote,

It’s necessary for China to retaliate against UK, otherwise wouldn’t we be too easy to bully? Such retaliation should be public and painful for the UK. But it’s unnecessary to turn it into a China-UK confrontation. The UK is not the US, nor Australia, nor Canada. It is a relative ‘weak link’ in the Five Eyes. In the long run, the UK has no reason to turn against China, with the Hong Kong issue fading out.

However, it did not provide details of the steps China would or could take to retaliate against the United Kingdom. Another Chinese government-owned media entity, Xinhua, called the U.K.’s decision on Huawei “ill-founded.”  It said that the decision may have an adverse impact on Chinese investments in Britain.

“London’s reversal on Huawei will also cost Britain its credibility. As a global financial and trade center, as well as a favorable destination for overseas investments, it is in the country’s best interests to maintain a fair, open, and indiscriminate market,” the Xinhua editorial stated.

China is facing worldwide condemnation for its handling of Coronavirus with Australia already calling out for an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19. We had yesterday listed countries that have already banned/are in the process of banning Huawei and its equipment from their 5G network.


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