Boost Your Internet Speed with These Cool Android Apps


With the availability of 4G, browsing the internet has become a lot easier as we can expect a better experience when accessing some information. However, there is also a problem that arises with the use of 4G. If you have trouble accessing the internet due to the internet speed, this situation can be very frustrating. If you are wondering how you can get a faster internet connection, there are some cool apps that you can try.

Faster Internet 2X

Faster Internet 2X is a great app which helps android users to get a faster internet connection by using special scripts. This app works for 3G and 4G networks thus it doesn’t matter if your device still uses 3G. Using this app, it can increase the internet speed twice from its current speed. While the app displays ads, it also offers a feature where users can disable the ads.

Internet Booster & Optimizer

Next, we also have Internet Booster & Optimizer, a pretty cool app which gives you the flexibility to increase the internet speed. This app works by prioritizing your browsing activity and disable other apps that use the internet connection. This way, you can expect a faster internet connection without causing any issues to your phone. This is one of the best apps that many android users have been using.

Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster lets you increase the internet speed by using a unique programming algorithm. Simply tap the feature and you can expect a better browsing experience. The best part about using this app is that it works well with non-rooted devices and rooted devices. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether your device is a non-rooted or rooted device.

Free Internet Speed Booster

Next, you can also choose free internet speed booster which works well when used to increase the internet speed. As claimed by the developer of the app, it can increase the speed from 40% to 80%.

These are some cool apps which you can use the next time you have troubles with the internet connection and are looking for a solution to increase its speed. Try some of these apps and choose one that works best for you.


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