BlueLeaks: Twitter bans DDoSecrets and flags tweets mentioning its website


BlueLeaks: Twitter suspends the account of DDoSecrets and flags its website after the Anonymous hacking group had leaked 269GB data of nearly 200 police departments across the United States

We had reported how the Anonymous hacking group has leaked 269 gigs of data called BlueLeaks on a Wikileaks-like website called DDoSecrets. Anonymous hacktivists have leaked the data of nearly 200 Police Departments and Police Fusion Centers from the length and breadth of America to protest against the killing of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. The data leak was done on 19th June which is also known as “Juneteenth” and celebrated as the day of the ending of slavery in the United States.

The Anonymous collective used DDoSecrets website to publicly leak the data. The DDoSecrets mission statement is “transparency collective” and put up a tweet announcing the BlueLeaks

Once the news about Blueleaks went viral, the Twitter account of DDoSecrets (@DDoSecrets) gained instant stardom and was immediately followed by millions. Now Twitter has permanently banned the @DDoSecrets Twitter account citing policy violations.

“We don’t permit the use of our services to directly distribute content obtained through hacking that contains private information, may put people in physical harm or danger, or contains trade secrets,”

Twitter in an email

Further, Twitter is also flagging tweets mentioning the DDoSecrets website. It prevents users from tweeting about DDoSecrets by labeling the link as “potentially harmful.” When Twitter users try to access previously posted links, they are informed that the link could point to a website that phishes personal information, installs malware, or violates Twitter’s terms of service.

Anonymous hackers group had allegedly hacked into the webservers of Netsential, a Houston-based web development firm. Hackers had managed to breach into Netsential webservers and accessed the details of the 200 PDs and Fusion Centers stored on their servers according to the National Fusion Center Association (NFCA). BlueLeaks contains nearly 269 GB of Police Department details spread as back as 25 years and most of the files are police and FBI reports, security bulletins, law enforcement guides, and more. The BlueLeaks data does contain sensitive and personal information, such as names, bank account numbers, and phone numbers and has been found to be authentic.


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