BlueLeaks: German police seize DDoSecrets server that hosted 269GB U.S. Police database


German police take down the DDoSecrets server hosting 269GB database of 200 United States Police Stations and Fusion Centers that allegedly was leaked by Anonymous hacking group

The German authorities took down the webservers of DDoSecrets, an activist group that hosted the 269GB database of 200 Police Stations and Fusion Centers located all over the United States. The database was said to be hacked from Netsential web servers according to the National Fusion Center Association (NFCA). The Netsential web servers were reportedly hacked by the Anonymous hacktivist group but it was never proved or claimed by the hacktivists themselves.

The BlueLeaks database, which was leaked on 19th June, contained information related to 200 Police Stations and Fusion Centers spread across the length and breadth of the United States. Some of the police case files leaked on DDoSecrets were from as back as 25 years.

The DDoSecrets web owners and leakers were criticized for leaking important data belonging to police personnel and also crime victims. Twitter has already taken down the account of DDoSecrets for the same reason. It also flags any tweet mentioning the BlueLeaks.

The DDoSecret’s server seizure was announced today by investigative journalist Emma Best who is one of the members of DDoSecrets.

In a midnight swoop, the German authorities took down the DDoSecrets web servers hosting the BlueLeaks 269GB database. It is not known whether United States intelligence agencies had identified the servers being hosted in Germany and alerted the local authorities.

The 269GB database was supposedly leaked to DDoSecrets by Anonymous hacker collective. However, as pointed out then, the main Twitter accounts of Anonymous hacktivists group neither acknowledged the hack nor claimed the database leak. The database included police case files including scanned documents, videos, emails, audio files, training materials, private law enforcement alerts, and more,


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