not found: inaccessible to millions of Indians as Google fails to renew it

0 not found: India oriented available for $5999 after Google fails to renew it; Millions of blogs on at risk

I started blogging with so did millions of other Indians. Now all their life’s work is at risk as Google has not renewed the the domain and now a third-party is selling it for a paltry $5999.00. Due to Google’s new policies, millions of Indians who had indexed URLs are at the risk of being abused, hacked, scammed, or stalked by hackers. This happened because Google let the domain expire in June 2020 and a third party has put it for sale.

Google implemented the the domain in 2012 to identify India specific blogs that were using Google’s Blogspot blogging platform. Google’s free blogging platform was used by millions of Indians, me included to reach out to the world.

However, after Google decided to discontinue the country-specific and continue only with for free bloggers around the world, the domain became an orphan. Due to non-renewal by Google, a record of 4.4 million blogs just disappeared from Google search results due to broken links or bad requests.

Bleeping Computer was alerted about the non-renewal of the domain and it contacted Google but got no response. Now it has found purchased the domain on June 24th, 2020, and after that it became inactive. Now it has been put up for sale on Sedo domain marketplace for $5,999.

Google has not commented on why it didn’t renew the domain or why it sold it off to


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