Blocking the irritating updates and patches on Windows 10


Here is how to block your Windows 10 PC/Laptop from updating or downloading Patch Tuesday patches

One of the most irritating things about owning a Windows 10 PC/laptop is the uncontrollable updates and patches. Add to the fact that Microsoft engineers often bungle with their updates and patches leaving your PC/laptops hanging or behaving rather inconsistently. Unline Windows 7 which gave an option to the users for downloading updates and patches, Microsoft has removed that option in Windows 10 and you are forced to download and install an update/patch.

The other thing about Windows 10 patches are they are inconsistently erratic and pop up most when you are doing your important work. A big patch will take as long as 3 to 4 hours for an update and smaller ones will take an hour at least. Also, during the download of the update/patch, your PC/laptop Wi-Fi network slows down considerably not allowing you to do your regular work on the Internet. Furthermore, most of these patches are not linked to your PC/laptop or your work in anyways except the security patches.

If you want to control the way your Windows 10 downloads the patches and updates on your PC/Laptop, you can pause the download for a limited time. In this tutorial, we will see how to pause the irksome and troublesome Windows 10 updates/patches from downloading and updating your machine.

Blocking automatic updates/patches on your Windows 10 PC/laptop

Most of you would be running Windows 10 version 1903 or 1909 on your PC/laptop. Mine is 1903. If you are not sure which version your Windows 10 PC/laptop has, In the Search box, near the Start button, type Winver, then click Run command. The version number appears on the second line.

Some older Windows 10 PC/laptops use Win10 1803 or 1809. Windows 10 1809 version is the best among the equally annoying other versions but even it downloads patches and updates. Also, do remember that Microsoft will stop releasing security patches for Windows 10 1809 Home or Pro after the May 2020 Patch Tuesday.

If your PC/laptop is using Windows 10 version 1903 or 1909 (either Home, Pro, Education or Enterprise), here is how you can pause the Windows 10 downloads/updates.

  • Use an administrator account
  • Click Start
  • Go To Settings

Blocking automatic updates/patches on your Windows 10 PC/laptop

  • Go To Update & Security.

Blocking automatic updates/patches on your Windows 10 PC/laptop

  • Once you have paused the Windows 10 updates for seven days, the PC/laptop stops downloading or running the update scripts.

You keep on doing this every sixth day till you want to block your Windows 10 PC/laptop from downloading the update/patch. Once, an update is released by Microsoft and it has been downloaded by users around the world without negative reviews and news about creating issues with the PC/Laptop don’t surface, you can update your Windows 10 PC/laptop at your own sweet time.

Remember, Windows 10 updates are important from a security point of view. Hence, if you have applied this tutorial and paused an update. Be sure to download it once you have time.


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