Best Video Editor Apps for Your Android Phone

0 – Android devices are very powerful as they can be used to perform various tasks including recording a video. While recording a video is very easy to do, editing a video is a different situation that is not easy to handle. There are many good video editor apps which can be used. The problem is, finding a good one requires some hard work. You may want to try one app and then try another one again. This is very time consuming and you don’t want to spend hours searching for a good app to edit your video. To help you deal with this situation, we have given some good video editor apps which every android user should try.

AndroVid Video Editor
If you are looking for a good app which can perform some tasks such as trimming, splitting, and merging videos on your android phone, AndroVid Video Editor is one cool app you must try. Using this app, users can also perform other tasks such as add video effects, music and text to the video. In a nutshell, it has everything that you want when you are editing the videos. best video editor apps for android

VidStitch offers similar features with the app mentioned above but this app works well when you want to create a video used for Instagram. Instagram is a very popular app where users can share videos or images to their friends. Using this app, it is very easy to create a video by combining videos and photos. Another good feature is the ability to add your own soundtrack to the video that you have made.

KlipMix lets you to make your own video by combining photos, videos and your own favorite music. Using KlipMix, you don’t have to be an expert in video editing. When editing the videos with this app, you can also fix the mistakes as this app can handle various rotations.

If you prefer an app that comes with a simple interface, we recommend you to choose WeVideo. WeVideo has a number of different themes where users can choose from a wedding to travel journal theme. Making a video with this app is very easy, simply add an audio file and publish it to the server. This app lets you upload the video on their server, giving the flexibility as you can edit the video anywhere.

If you need an app that offers some advanced features such as 3D transition effects, brightness and saturation, KineMaster is an app that you need. This app has lots of beautiful themes which can be used directly when you are making a new video. These themes also come with specific effects and music, allowing you to make a great video like an expert. The only drawback is that the video will be watermarked. To remove this issue, simply choose a paid version which only costs $2.99. By purchasing a paid version, you can also get more options including more beautiful themes.
These are some apps which let you make and edit your own video. We do hope that our recommendations would suit your preferences.


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