Best Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Programming


Want to earn top dollar as a programmer, here are the top 10 best Websites to learn coding

Once you enter college, the only thing that matters is getting a plum job which will help you realize all the dreams that you dreamt while growing up. And in today’s digital world, nothing is better than working for a top-notch tech company like Google, Facebook, TCS, Infosys or even working for the Government in the IT sector.

Over the years, programming and computer science have become so popular that nearly 65 percent of college passouts peruse a career in IT. To make it big in the IT sector, you need to be able to code. In order to help you with that, we have compiled a list of 10 best trustworthy sites to learn programming.

Learning to code can be tough for a beginner but with the right resources, you can be that master coder who is sought after by big tech companies. Programming is a science and you need to understand the concepts that help in developing the code. Many people quit even before starting due to a lack of resources.  The best way to learn code is with a project-based approach. We bring you some of the best websites, that have a project-based approach to learning coding as well as approved tests that can give you valuable certification for your resume.

10 of the best trustworthy sites for learning CODING that you may not know


This is the most popular and recognized resource for learning code. Join the community of Codecademy and you can choose from courses grouped into eight specializations: APIs, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, web fundamentals, or combine languages into projects. :

Code Racer as the name suggests provides code learning while competing with others in a Race. With time limits and help features, Code Racer has made a unique style to learn from.

PhpAcademy :

There are hundreds of free videos to help you learn web development, with an optional premium membership to get even more out of PhpAcademy.

KhanAcademy :

Khan Academy brings millions of students from around the world together to learn all sorts of digital skills, from coding to calculus to computer science theory. This means you can become an expert coder and a proficient mathematician at KhanAcademy.

Codingbat :

Codingbat is for you if you are Python and Java programmer. It has the best teaching videos for Python and Java. The site is made by the same guy who taught the Google Python Class.

Coursera :

Online education giant Coursera brings the world’s best courses from dozens of top universities online and lets anyone take them for free. Coursera classes are now available in five languages i.e. English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese, and are taught by professors from 62 universities.

The CodePlayer :

On the CodePlayer, you can watch interactive presentations that explain how people built things from scratch. Once you become a coding expert, you can add your own presentations to teach others what you know.

Udacity :

Udacity is a very famous IT teaching brand and has been in the market for years now. It is famous among college campuses for its Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). It is multi-faceted and you get to know about many things apart from coding as well. Excellent tutorials, great resources, and good work projects define Udacity. Udacity is free except for some courses which have a small fee.

Codeschool :

Codeschoole is for those who have learned basic programming and would like to pursue it as a career choice. You can do a beginner level course on Udacity, Treehouse, and Codeacademy, and if you go further you will be more at an ease with Code School. They have a different approach and a more interactive way to teach you about coding. You have the path style sections – Ruby, HTML/CSS, iOS, and JavaScript. Codeschool also teaches you about working with Gits, Objective – C, and jQuery.

Treehouse :

Treehouse is one of the best coding academies online. It has 14-day free testing so that you can access the learning style on Treehouse. It charges $25 (Rs.2000.00) for the primary account and $49(Rs.4000.00) for intermediate learners. On Treehouse, you can learn almost anything programming related to thousands of resources. You will get excellent videos, interactive quizzes, forums exercises, and expert reviews to make your journey to learn coding easier.

Do let us know if you have used any of the sites mentioned above. I am sure you will find these coding sites to be fun and very interactive at the same time. Happy learning!!!


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