Best Ideas to use your old Smartphones


Top 5 Best ideas to make use of your old smartphone

Nowadays Smartphones have become the most important part of our life. Everything related to IT, from turning on/off TV to controlling a smart washing machine can be controlled by a smartphone. Smartphone has become an all-in-one gadget that can click photos, call, control IoT, play games, and much more. According to the pace of upgrading technology, smartphones are getting new features and techniques rapidly. A user usually changes its smartphone every 1.5/2 years and discard the old one. But do you know your old smartphone is very useful and can be used in multiple ways? So let’s take a look at what things your old smartphone can do.

Top 5 ideas to use your old Smartphone

Security Camera

You can convert your phone into a home security camera. For this, you have to download a security app called Alfred and then just use your phone in the best way. Make sure the device is able to access power. The smartphone you are currently using to log in and view the feed from your old smartphone.


In case your TV Remote is damaged or is of no use then you can use your old smartphone as a remote. The smartphone remote can be used for Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV Stick, or Roku.


Your smartphone can be utilized to download games as this will reduce the storage of the current phone, You can play the game on this old device.

Ebooks and Audibles

If you a voracious reader or a book lover then you can download Ebooks or audible apps and you can connect with a Bluetooth speaker and listen to the literature. You can do this on your old smartphone.

Music Player

You can hear music through wireless earbuds or Bluetooth speakers. You can hear a podcast while you doing some work or doing any housework. Enjoy the music also at parties on this device. The old smartphone works as a personal music station which you never imagined.


Free software like DroidCam and EpocCam lets you turn your old smartphone into a webcam and you can use it in your computer and for your zoom meetings as the clarity is very good when you view it.

Calendar / Alarm clock

Use your old smartphone as a calendar and also an alarm clock. Download the alarm clock app and use it on the phone and this will help you wake up and remind you that you have to rush to work or your schedule will be haywire.

These ideas can help you use your old smartphones and not make them a waste. You can also suggest more ideas below in the comment section. For more news and tutorials subscribe to our Newsletter from here

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