Best Android Apps for Bloggers


Best Android Apps for Bloggers – There are many useful apps which android users can use especially for those who are avid bloggers. With some apps which are specifically designed for an avid blogger, having these apps will definitely help you a lot. Now, it has become a lot easier for you to manage your site using your android phone. Check our list below!

·       WordPress

Most android users already know what WordPress is. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by many bloggers out there. If you are wondering whether you can manage your site using your android phone, try WordPress for android. Having this app installed on your android phone, you can perform similar tasks such as moderating comments, publishing a new post and also editing the post.

·       Blogger

        Next, we also have Blogger which is another popular blogging platform used by many bloggers. For those who   have a blog on Blogger then having this app is a must.       Compared to WordPress app which offers more features,       Blogger app has limited features. However, this app still   works great which can help you a lot when you want to         manage your blog on your android phone.

·       Google Drive
        Google is a big company which has released many products       to the customers. Among some products which have been       released, Google Drive is one of them. Using this type of   service, you will be able to store your data online and access them anywhere. You can store many types of documents ranging from word, spreadsheet, audio, video         and many more.

·       Disqus

        Disqus is one of the best commenting systems which can    help you deal with the comments posted on your blog.       Using this app, it is easy to moderate comments and reply   comments submitted by your visitors.  

·       Evernote

        It is easy to forget some ideas that we have found. As a       blogger, ideas help us to create a good article. If you want         to ensure that you don’t lose ideas, the next time you have        some amazing ideas don’t forget to save it using Evernote.    Evernote also allows you to capture images. 


        Sometimes we have difficulties when finding an alternative         word. If you encounter the same situation, look no further, you can install This is a very cool app     which helps bloggers to find the exact meaning of the word   that they are looking for. If English is not your main        language, should be installed on your     android phone. While the free version also comes with ads, you can remove the ads by using the premium version         which costs $2.99. 

These are some cool apps which you can try and install on your android phone. Having these apps installed, you will be surprised how easy it is when managing posts, publishing posts, moderating your comments and collecting ideas for your next post. Don’t forget to update these apps to the latest version. Some apps are updated regularly, giving more features and improvements for a better experience when you are using them.


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