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Beautiful widgets pro is an ultimate desire fulfilling app that allows you to customize your home screen the way you want. It provides you with all the related tools to do so. You can stay unique yet organized with the customizable and handy widgets this app offers. The widgets filled with animations and comprehensive visuals, allow you to stay updated whether it’s the time or the weather. This app is trusted by millions of people and it has also been listed as Google editor’s choice for a year and remained in the list of top 10 paid apps. You can get HD versions of widgets with comprehensive information about the things that affect you. This app can be a little sweet treat to your android phone or tablet.
The features of this app are as follows.
• You can get various clock widgets with complete information like date, alarm, time etc.
• You can get multiple widgets in different sizes.
• There are hundreds of themes available for your widgets that you can choose and make your screen look beautiful.
• You can get weather widgets and get forecasts for your location and weather of any other locations that you want to be updated with.
• You get notifications about the weather from all around the world with animations and interactive visuals.
• You can choose wallpapers for your weather widget.
This app provides you with all needed information right on your screen. This little app is a must have for android users and the APK file of Beautiful widgets pro can be downloaded from the link on this page.

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