Ban Tiktok got 4 million comments on Google Play Store, rating goes to 1.3


#BANTiktok: TikTok got 4 million downvotes from Indians on Google Play Store dragging rating to 1.3⁠ from 4.5

The popular short videos hosting App, TikTok has run afoul in India over its seeming disregard for the Indian sensitivities. TikTok has let users abuse its lax moderation policies and post videos on subjects which are taboos. A few weeks earlier, it allowed a user post a video on the platform promoting acid attacks on women by jilted lovers.

It also courted controversy after the CarryMinati saga of #YouTubevsTikTok. Now the Indians don’t want TikTok in India. They started a campaign called #BanTikTok to force the government to take action against the video aggregating App. Millions of people are giving a 1-star rating to TikTok on Google Play Store. In fact, it received 4 million negative ratings after the campaign to ban it started in India.

The Indians managed to bring down the average rating of TikTok from 4.5 a week ago to just 1.5 now. It seems that the Indians have decided to do away with the short video hosting App for good.

Why BanTikTok?

TikTok App is owned by ByteDance which has emerged as the top App maker in 2019. Its two Apps, Toutiao and News Buzz are already under fire in Western countries for lax policy norms. In fact, TikTok is also under investigation from a Dutch watchdog for not having any policy with regard to children.

ByteDance has been accused of not following the ethical standards for its Apps. For Toutiau and Top Buzz it has been accused of spreading fake news to get famous. On TikTok, the amount of spam and click-bait based content on the platform makes it an impossible place for anyone genuinely trying to produce good content to compete. They forsake quality for quantity and viral news video.

It is said that the TikTok and Toutiao/Top Buzz moderation teams are understaffed thereby denting any serious quality control. It’s a shame that ByteDance can’t employ more audit teams as it does in China. In China, Internet content is strictly regulated and ByteDance reportedly has 10,000 audit workers who sift through the Toutiao and TikTok content looking for anti-government and anti-CCP posts and weed them out.

It has no policy for handling children’s data nor does it have any mechanism to stop children from viewing its content. It also does not have any policy for suggestive videos/news that can flare up communal feelings. It remains to be seen how the Government of India deals with the #BanTikTok demands.


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