Auto garage hacked into Tesla Model 3 car software and is selling it for a discount


This company hacked into Tesla Model 3 performance upgrade and acceleration boost software and is now selling it for a discount to Tesla car owners

If you are a Tesla Model 3 car owner, you would know that Tesla has locked its performance and acceleration boost software so no owner can tamper with it. It so happens that an auto garage from Canada has hacked into these two particular pieces of Tesla software and is now able to offer Performance Upgrade and Acceleration Boost to Tesla Model 3 owners for a huge discount.

Tesla Motors have been selling its cars including Model 3 with built-in software-locked capabilities like its 75 kWh battery pack software is locked to perform only at a peak of 60 kWh. Over the years, many companies offer hacks that can boost acceleration for Tesla Cars.

Even Tesla itself joined the bandwagon by offering the “Acceleration Boost” for $2,000 to Tesla car owners. The software upgrade delivered through OTA and can make the 0 to 60 mph acceleration of the Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range go down to 3.9 seconds. This upgrade unlocks roughly 50 hp in the Model 3 powertrain and shortens the 0 to 60 mph acceleration to 3.9 seconds.

Now an auto-garage in Canada is offering the same at a much cheaper price. Guillaume André, the owner of Simon André, an automobile repair shop based in Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada has managed to hack into the upgrading locking software in the Tesla Model 3 RWD to a Dual Motor AWD by adding an electric motor. And they were successful in doing so:

The auto garage did this by hacking the software of the Model 3 driver inverter, which was configured for a single motor setup, to power both motors. As they worked along, they found that their hack could do much more than adding a motor.  They were also able to unlock the Acceleration Boost lock in the Model 3 Dual Motor. Yes, the same one that Tesla sells for $2,000.

The garage owner figured that he could make money selling his hack to other Tesla owners and has formed a new company, Ingenext, to offer those performance upgrades to Model 3 owners at a lower cost. Their first product is ‘Boost 50’, which is their own version of Tesla’s Acceleration Boost and costs just $1100.00 compared to Tesla’s $2000.00

Ingenext also claims that their acceleration boost is a little faster than Tesla as they have been achieving 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in 3.8 seconds or 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.


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